Friday’s Fave Five

Yay for the first week of April! Winter is not letting go just yet, but each day is one more step away from it and toward consistently warmer, sunnier days.

We join up with Susanne and others at Living to Tell the Story to recount some of the good things of the week. We’re grieving with Susanne today in the recent loss of her father. She has kindly left the FFF link up for us.

1. Routine medical visits. I can’t say I enjoy any medical visits, but it’s nice when they are done and revealed no new problems to be concerned about. I had my annual eye exam this week and a visit with the dentist not long ago.

2. An unexpected package. I helped a friend with her book launch a few weeks ago, and she sent me some bookmarks and a cute little magnet this week.

3. Food Truck Parks. A new one sprang up between our place and Jason and Mittu’s. They’ve been several times already, and I met them there for dinner one night this week. It’s a nice set-up. I especially appreciate that they have real bathrooms rather than portable ones.

4. Lunch with the family. Jim and Jesse went over to Jason and Mittu’s to set up a trampoline, and I joined them there later for lunch. Mittu made brownies afterward, but Jim and I needed to leave before they were done. So Jason and Mittu brought me a brownie Sunday afternoon. It was big enough to split over two days. (Jim is trying to cut back on sugar, so he declined the brownie offer.)

5. Time alone. I’ve sometimes felt guilty wishing for or enjoying having some time to myself. And then when I am alone for very long, I miss my family. But then I thought, you know what, I don’t have any control over my husband’s travels for work. Of course, I love him and love when he is here. But there are things to enjoy about being together and things to enjoy about solitude. So I decided to just enjoy whichever I was experiencing instead of pining for one or the other. Being by myself most of this week made for light cooking and the opportunity to watch some of the programs I mentioned yesterday that he would not have been interested in. But I am looking forward to having him home tonight (it’s Thursday afternoon as I write this). (Update: he made it home safely.)

And that wraps up another week! How was yours?

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I so agree with your #5. I do like having others around for their company and to help keep me to a schedule. But it feels good to have lighter (or skip) meals, etc. Glad your husband made it safely home from his trip!

    Food trucks and brownies – yum! Nice you can have family nearby and participate in each others’ lives. And congrats on getting that medical visit behind you.

  2. Glad you were able to get together with your family, yet enjoy some time alone. That brownie looks delicious. Hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon.

  3. Oh my, I *love* being alone in the house. Having one daughter here most of the day and my husband now retired has been a huge challenge for me. I would love a bite of that brownie. Yum yum!!

  4. YAY For homemade brownies and some alone time. Dave used to have to work in England for a big project when our oldest daughter was 3. I was alone with her for FIVE months. He came home for a short one week visit and I was so thankful when he finally stepped off the plane for a year before leaving for work in Italy (he designed the software program that runs the Disney Magic Cruise ship)…he came home long enough for me to get pregnant with girl #2 and then was whisked away to Italy again to finish the project. But I did savor the 1:1 time with my little girl in those years. I also LOVED when he would step off that plane 🙂 Glad your hubby made it home safely from his travels.

    ENJOY the weekend!!

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