Friday’s Fave Five

Finally got my spring decorations out!

It’s been another fairly quiet, uneventful week here. But every week is sprinkled with good things, even if it takes some thought and observation to find them. We join Susanne and others at Living to Tell the Story to share our blessings.

1. Adjusting notifications. Our drugstore greatly overdoes text and phone notifications. Maybe they all do, I don’t know. I usually turn notifications off until I reorder something and then have to turn them back on. This week, when I texted STOP to turn notifications off again, I received a few options, one of which was a word to text if I only wanted to receive notice when my prescription was ready. Yes, that’s all I’ve wanted all along, not offers to watch a video about my prescription. A little thing, but a cure to a consistent irritant.

2. A settlement. Back in early November, Jim took a hard fall on a hotel stairway that resulted in a severely sprained ankle and torn ligaments. The doctor said it would have been better for him if he had broken it. Investigations and negotiations between insurance companies have been going on ever since. We felt the hotel was at fault because their short stairway had black carpet and low lighting, making it hard to see the steps, and no handrail. We were advised not to say anything publicly about the incident in case we had to go to court. Finally everything was wrapped up and we received a small settlement this week. Jim still has pain and swelling in his ankle and still has to prop it up at times, but he can walk on it okay now.

3. Running into an old friend. She doesn’t live in this area, but happened to be here and in the Dollar Store at the same time I was. It was good to catch up for a bit.

4. Azaleas blooming. We planted them years ago, but they have hardly grown and I don’t think I have ever seen more than a few flowers on them. I was surprised to see one in full bloom this week.

5. Allergy medicine. Excessive pollen is the one downside of spring, but it’s a necessity to see things bloom.

Bonus: Feeling better. I had a pretty bad reaction to some food truck tacos over the weekend that took a few days to fully recover from. Then Jesse caught a bad stomach bug and Jeremy tested positive for Covid. As of yesterday, they were both doing better and well enough to try to work (both still working from home). We’re hoping and praying for a full recovery soon.

And that wraps up the first week of April. How about you? Any good things happening in your week?

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Oh my. I’m so glad you all are recovering from a bout of Everything! And your husband is at least doing a bit better — sorry for that long slow road.

    Boy, I’m with you on the notifications. I wonder why retailers think all their messaging is something ANYONE would ever want… Digital decluttering is satisfying, too.

    Plants do sometimes take some years to get settled and bloom well. Many roses are that way (the whole sleep, creep, leap sequence). Glad that your azaleas are getting with it this season.

  2. now that everyone is basically unmasked, germs are flying! I’ve been battling sinusitis for over 3 weeks now and am very thankful for a steroid rx and ANOTHER 2nd antibiotic that I will start next weekend if the steroid doesn’t stop the head pain. So many people have had various tummy issues or allergies or sinusitis this month at work. Glad your sons are doing better!
    That’s good news about the settlement.
    We had to stop trying to grow azaleas as our soil here is basically full of lime and we were told that’s not good for those bushes. Apparently whatever soil is on cape cod works well as we had a TON of azalea plants at the family beach house several years ago. Glad you’re seeing blooms again!
    Your spring decor is sweet!

  3. I can relate on the notifications! I dislike texts in general, since my phone plan comes with limited # of texts. So, I don’t appreciate it when appointments feel the need to remind me via phone, email, AND text — good grief! Then when you text STOP, you get yet another text confirming that. I need to look into stopping some of that too.

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