Friday’s Fave Five

Another Friday has rolled in, so It’s time to pause a moment to recount some of the highlights of the week. Time goes so fast, without these weekly reckonings, I’d forget half (at least) of what has happened. We join Susanne and others at Living to Tell the Story to share our blessings.

1. Easter. We had a wonderful day with all the family except my one out-of-town son. I enjoyed thinking, reading, and studying through the week of Jesus death and resurrection for us. We attended church Sunday morning, had a wonderful dinner with the family, then had our Easter egg hunt and some wonderful gluten-free carrot cake made by Mittu. We got a couple of games in before we started conking out.

2. Answered prayer is, of course, always a favorite. But this situation was a little unusual. I was looking for a particular story I remembered from a missionary book to use in Monday’s post about the importance of the resurrection. I had the right author in mind, but the two books I thought the incident was in weren’t on the shelves. (I remembered later that I had loaned them to someone, and when she returned them, I had forgotten them in the car). So I picked up two other books I had by the same author, thinking the story I wanted wasn’t in them, but deciding I’d leaf through them anyway. I prayed that I might be able to find the story without needing to closely reread the whole books or check the other books by this author. The first one I looked through yielded no results. But I found the story a few pages into the second book. Sometimes those small but very specific answers to prayer make me feel especially seen and loved.

3. Medicine. I’ve had need of some this week, besides the regular prescriptions. Nothing major going on, but it’s nice to have access to the basic relief we need.

4. Central heating and air conditioning. Probably some of you have had the same experiences we’ve had the last few weeks with needing to switch back and forth between AC and the heater. I’m thankful we can so easily do that.

5. Availability and good prices on clothes I like. I have a hard time finding clothes I like, but I saw a couple of ads for places where I don’t usually shop, places I didn’t think would have anything for me. But I looked online, and both places had a few things I loved with great prices and, at one, even sale prices on top of that. I ordered a few things. I haven’t received them yet, but I hope they fit and look well.

Thus ends another week here. What is a bright spot from yours?

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Yay for new clothes at a great price! I enjoyed a day away with a friend this week, and I’m looking forward to leaving in a little while to go to my youngest’s college to hear her band concert tonight, spend the night, and then do some things with her tomorrow.

  2. I love sales on clothing! In fact I don’t usually spend money on new clothes unless it IS on sale. Glad you found some you like.
    that cake looks so decadent! just beautiful. I’m not a cake person but that sure looks tempting.
    I too have needed some meds this week and health insurance and access to meds isn’t something i want to take for granted.
    I hope you have a really nice weekend, Barbara.

  3. Those are bright spots in deed. Not to mention that gorgeous cake! Congrats Mittu!
    I know what you mean about answers to prayers that are so clearly a heavenly smile. Yes, we don’t take healthcare for granted, nor ease of comfortable temperatures.

  4. Amen about answered prayers. I have had some experiences like that myself. I am glad you were able to get the medicine you needed and that it is working to help you feel better. . That is a blessing. It’s so nice you had a nice Easter with most of your family there. That cake looks delicious! Have a good week!

  5. I agree with the other commenters, Barbara … that cake looks amazing! And I know what you mean about those “small but very specific answers to prayer” making you feel “seen and loved.” I don’t know, but I have a feeling it brings God joy when His children pray for such things and the notice when He answers. 🙂

  6. Yes, we’ve been see-sawing back and forth with the heat and the AC for a couple weeks too. 🙂 I think we’ll leave it set to AC for a few days straight now. But we hit a low next week of 42, so I’ll have the heat back on for that!

  7. Wow, what a lovely cake! It’s notAC weather here yet. But our heater has been running as we’ve gone through a cold spell that brought below our normal for this time of year temps. Hopefully this next week will see us more back on track. I love when God graces us with those kinds of answers to prayer. Those are the instances that really show me His hand and love for me in my everyday life. Love it when I can find clothes I need on a good deal. Hope you love the ones you found. I’m not an online shopper for clothes as I like to try them on before purchasing.

  8. That cake looks delicious. Glad you had a good Easter with your family and got the medications you needed. Good luck with the clothes. Hopefully you won’t be sending any back.

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