May Reflections

It’s nice when my end-of-month post lines up with the actual last day of the month!

Once again, the month has flown by. May is not the busy month it was when we had kids in school with all the end-of-year programs, recitals, etc. It’s odd how I am mostly glad not to have those activities any more, yet I still miss them sometimes.

Also, with all my mother-figures no longer living, I don’t have to do anything for that day except make a card for my daughter-in-law. While I miss my mom and other “moms” in my life, I enjoy the fact that the rest of the family makes plans for that day. They do a wonderful job making me feel special. My husband used to take me out to dinner that day. But the restaurants were so busy and waits were so long, he began making Mother’s Day dinner at home and employing the kids to take care of different faces of it. Nowadays he usually grills something. The last two years, Jason had made Chocolate Pretzel Pie, one of my favorite desserts (probably second to Texas Sheet Cake, which Mittu usually makes for my birthday).

The other big event this month was a road trip with my husband and my friend, Melanie, to Jan Karon’s Mitford Museum in Hudson, NC. Jan Karon authored a slew of best-selling books set in the fictional Mitford, based on the town she grew up in. I posted about the trip with lots of pictures here. It was something we’ve been planning and looking forward to since last fall, and it was so nice to finally go.

I also had a colonoscopy this month–not fun, but I was glad to get it over with and to have clear results. We’re still trying to figure out my stomach issues, but I am glad the procedure ruled out some major concerns.

We got wills and living wills and such made us and notarized, something that’s been on our need-to-do list for ages.

So I guess May was still busy in a different way!

It also seemed like this month turned from spring to summer quickly. Even though it’s not officially summer until later in June, we usually count summer as starting from the Memorial Day weekend. This year, however, it has started to feel like summer the last couple of weeks.


My daughter-in-law sent me a couple of exchanges with my grandson, Timothy.

One day they were talking about roadkill. Timothy asked, “Do people eat bear?”

Jason said, “I don’t think that’s allowed in America.”

Timothy responded, “Maybe in Texas?”


Another time, Timothy asked his mom if it was fun in the 90s. She said yes and asked what he thought they did in the 90s. “Probably watched TV and wore cool clothes.”


I only made one card this month, for my daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day.

She likes sunflowers, as you might guess. The arrangement in the center is a multi-layered sticker. I was very pleased with myself for learning how to arch text on the computer without having to ask one of my sons! I did find a YouTube video that helped.


I watched Spiderman 3: No Way Home and loved it (except for a bit of language). I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it (and have missed spoilers everywhere), but it had a lot of neat parts.

As a family, we watched the first live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie and Clifford movie. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the Sonic one, but I did. Clifford was a disappointment in that they changed just about everything from the books except the dog’s and girl’s names.


Since last time, I finished:

I’m currently reading:

  • Be Distinct (2 Kings): Standing Against the World’s Foes by Warren Wiersbe
  • The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis
  • The Confessions of St. Augustine, audiobook
  • Shadows of Grace by Cara Putnam
  • Shadows in the Mind’s Eye by Janyre Tromp


Besides book reviews, Friday Fave Fives, and Saturday Laudable Linkage, Iโ€™ve posted these since last time:

  • Content . . . with Thorns? A look at why God allows weaknesses and needs in our lives and how Paul could say he was content with his.
  • Ministry in the Mundane. We want to get past the everyday necessary tasks in order to do something meaningful and important—yet our ministry most often is in the everyday mundane details of life.
  • Our Responsibility to Discern False Teaching. False teachers are accountable for leading others astray and misrepresenting God’s truth. But God also gives us plenty of warnings about them. We need to know His Word well enough to spot false teaching.
  • Assorted Stray Thoughts. A collection of random things I wonder about.
  • Encouragement in the Fight Against Temptation. I get discouraged that I am tempted by things I should have victory over. But I can use those temptations as a call to arms and defeat Satan at his own game.
  • Are You a Big Z or an Ordinary N? We can’t make words in Scrabble with just the high-scoring letters. We need the ordinary ones. People, too, don’t function alone. The stars and executives have a whole support staff. Even if we’re just an ordinary “N,” God has essential things for us to do.

And that just about wraps up May. I hope yours was good as well!

(I often link up with some of these bloggers.)

15 thoughts on “May Reflections

  1. How fun that you got a road trip to visit the Mitford Museum. We went to a seminar last weekend and heard some of my favorite authors speak. Books have such a way of spreading joy and love in the world through many avenues.

    Jeff and I both had colonoscopies this month too. Unfortunately I’m on the fast-track plan and have to go back again next year for another one. Sigh. I’m losing count of how many I’ve had. YET I’m still grateful for them because they’re potentially keeping me alive from year to year and away from colon cancer.

    You had a busy and productive May! Hope your June is fun and relaxing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yikes—I can’t imagine having to have a colonoscopy every year. In the midst of my prep, I wondered if I could do it again in ten years. ๐Ÿ™‚ It took about three days for my system to feel right again–I don’t remember that happening last time. Still, I’m glad this procedure gives doctors a sure way to check for cancer or colitis.

  2. A good month! I always enjoy seeing your cards, and hearing what Timothy says. Really I enjoyed all that you shared. Here’s to a good June!

  3. Eating bear is allowed in America =)
    Our school’s financial manager went bear hunting in Montana and had some of the meat made into sausage. He brought it to school to share, and it was delicious!

  4. I had to look up Texas Sheet Cake and Chocolate Pretzel Pie. Oh my, they both look so good! I’ll be pinning those! I hadn’t heard of the Mitford novels, but I can imagine the museum for its’ fans may be as exciting as the province of PEI where my favourite series, Anne of Green Gables, was set. I’m looking forward to visiting PEI one day (soon, I hope)!

  5. The Chocolate Pretzel pie sounds yummy! My daughter in law makes a strawberry pretzel salad for Christmas that is wonderful. Mitford in May was especially lovely, even with the rain drops.

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