Friday’s Fave Five

We’re a week into July already. Time goes by so quickly, itโ€™s nice to pause for a moment and recollect the best parts of the week with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story.

1. Safety and comfort. This has been a week of extremes. We had heat warnings a couple of days as the heat index made the temperatures outside feel even higher (108F one day). Then we had strong thunderstorms three days, with 1-inch hail one evening. I’m thankful we didn’t lose power, though the lights flickered a few times. I’m thankful also that we didn’t sustain any damage from the wind or hail.

2. The 4th of July. Freedom, family, food, and fireworks. Doesn’t get much better than that. ๐Ÿ™‚ We can’t have fireworks in our county, but we could see some displays from our back yard. Thankfully, the weather was nice that day.

3. Favorite Asian take-out. There is an Asian restaurant we like, but it’s a little too far away to get take-out. But it’s not as far from church, so we stopped there to get dinner and bring it home Sunday. Good stuff–and the servings were enough for two more lunches of leftovers.

4. Free prescriptions. The last time I picked up prescriptions, there was no charge, even for a very expensive one. I didn’t process things enough in the moment to ask why there was no charge. When Jim picked up some others this week, he asked. They said that happens when our deductible is paid with our insurance. I had a colonoscopy back in January which met our deductible. But I don’t remember this ever happening before. He confirmed that the drugstore was getting paid what they were due. I guess that’s one advantage to having a procedure early in the year!

5. Things to look forward to. We booked my oldest son’s flights for his visit in August. Plus we’ll see some of my family later in the fall.

To let you know: The folks who interviewed me a couple of times before, Kurt and Kate Mornings on Moody Radio Florida, asked to interview me again on Tuesday, July 12, around 8:10 a.m. EDT or shortly thereafter. They want to talk about my blog post on regret. There’s a link on their page to listen live if you’d like to. Plus I’ll try to have someone record it like we did before. I’d appreciate your prayers!

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Well what a good week! I assume you’ll be on the radio August 1? I enjoyed hearing you last time, and will pray. I didn’t know “no fireworks” was a thing! I enjoy watching them, but I’ll admit the non-stop booming for several nights (here) sounding like a war zone gets a little old. I feel bad for pets who are terrified by the noise too. I’m glad your son is visiting in Aug.! A daughter, my mom, and I are visiting my oldest in UT that month too ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome with the free meds! What a treat.

  2. It’s fun to anticipate family visits! The topic for your radio interview sounds really interesting. Sending prayers your way. We are expecting triple digit temps this weekend. Ugh. The first time for us this summer. Yay for free meds! It’s nice when insurance starts paying off.

  3. That is neat you’ll get to do another interview! I enjoyed hearing the last one.
    Glad you’ve survived the weather extremes (! wow !).
    We, too, have several “no fireworks” cities due to drought conditions. But the smaller on-the-ground displays are okay in my city. And there are enough aerial displays near by that we don’t have to leave our driveways to enjoy them.

  4. It’s always nice when deductibles are met and insurance kicks in at 100%. Glad you have some fun stuff planned like your son’s visit and a visit to your family. I hope your interview goes well.
    I will have to see if I can bring it up and listen online! Have a good weekend.

  5. wow free prescriptions?? we don’t have that although we generally only pay $3-5 a Rx. Which is good since my husband needs 2 a month for his heart and I now supposedly have allergies so am on a RX at evening for that. Fireworks are not technically legal here in NY either but it seems like many people don’t care about that. I do like seeing a good display though at professional venues. This year we stayed home but a neighbor had some ok ones. I don’t always like the noise.

    How fun to have your son come visit in August.

    And yay for take out food!
    Happy Weekend, Barbara

  6. Free prescriptions sounds delightful! Yesterday was Jeff’s last day of work, but we’ll get to keep his good insurance through the end of July. I’m not sure how much my thyroid prescription will cost with our new insurance beginning in August, but it may make me appreciate our old insurance even more. ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to get in all my procedures earlier this year as well: colonoscopy, mammogram, dermatology, etc.

  7. Looking forward to the visits is almost as good as having the visits. We may be having our younger son here THIS month! I know how you must feel–so excited.
    Congrats on getting on the radio again. That’s amazing.
    Enjoy a quiet and restful weekend–maybe more Asian take out?

  8. How fun that your son’s tickets to come home are booked. Always great to anticipate those visits with our adult kids. 108*. I can’t even imagine! They call heat warnings here when there is an extended period into the 80’s and it doesn’t cool off below 61* at night. This week coming up will see us in the 90’s.

  9. I’m so glad that you will get to see your son next month! We hadn’t seen our son for 2 1/2 years (due to the pandemic) and when he called and said that he had his flight lined up in February I was SO happy. I know you are too, when it comes to being able to see your son and also that you will get to see some of your family later in the fall.

    I’m excited to listen to your interview. That post was SO good and I look forward to the interview!

    I’ve gone from taking 5 prescriptions in 2018 down to one, but free would have been wonderful back when I was taking that many!

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