Friday’s Fave Five

This is one of those Friday mornings where I sit down and think, “OK, what did happen this week?” I’m thankful that the Friday’s Fave Fives causes me to look back and evaluate and thereby see blessings that otherwise would have been missed in the blur of time passing so quickly. We join up with our hostess, Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story, to share the best parts of the week.

1. Quiet weeks. As much as I love having all the family here and doing lots of activities with them, and I’ve missed all that, it helps to have some quiet days with nothing on the calendar.

2. Help with a computer issue. I needed to do something simple: put a document in a particular group folder. But I couldn’t figure it out with the program I was using, and Google searches and tutorials didn’t seem to match what my screen was showing. When my husband got off work, I asked him if he was familiar with the program. He said, “Just barely.” But he looked at what I was trying to do and helped me figure out how to accomplish it. I not only appreciate having the problem solved and knowing what to do next time, but I am thankful for his willingness to help.

3. An impromptu get-together. We met Jason, Mittu, and Timothy at Olive Garden one day this week. That’s not a place we go often—I think this is maybe the fourth time in my life I have been there. But the food was good and the time together even better. Jim and I tried some Italian doughnuts for dessert–very good!

4. Encouraging words from a couple of directions.

5. Some new fun pens. Sometimes it’s the little things. 🙂 I saw some Flair pens advertised that are regular pens on one end but have designs on the other end–one color prints little flowers, another squiggly lines, etc. I got them to add fun little touches to notes.

I had mentioned some family outings briefly the last couple of weeks. I shared more details and photos about them here yesterday.

What’s something good from your week?

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. oh those pens sound fun to use!!
    We used to go to Olive Garden a couple times of year but our local one has gone downhill. I think they’re having trouble finding good help ever since Covid hit. I miss eating there (we LOVE those Italian donuts!!) but my husband refuses to go now cause they were so awful last time. I hope your experience was better!

    I love it when my husband can help with a computer issue.

    It’s nice to have quiet days after a hectic week.

    enjoy the long weekend!

  2. I agree, the days — and weeks — are a blur sometimes. Time goes too fast. I enjoy the quiet days at home as well. Computers continue to baffle me, so I’m glad that at least one of us (my husband) can figure things out. Those pens sound like such fun. I am a sucker for new pens;)

  3. I love to have nice pens. The ones you bought sound fun! So glad you had a quiet week, but were able to meet up with Jason, MIttu and Timothy for a meal. It is also good that your husband could help you with your technology issue. Encouragement is always a good thing! I hope you have a good Labor Day Weekend. See you again soon.

  4. My daughters LOVE Olive Garden so we go there fairly often, to celebrate birthdays or special occasions.
    I wouldn’t be online or doing much of anything with my computer if I didn’t have my Computer Science Professor here with me. I’m glad Jim was able to help you.
    Have a lovely long weekend!

  5. Well I expect you needed some quiet days after all the activities (just checked out your previous post) but being able to do things together as a family is definitely a blessing. Glad you got the computer glitch sorted out – problems like that can be soooo frustrating. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  6. I love getting new pens, especially colored ones. I discovered the Pigma Micron ones a couple years ago and have several different colors. I enjoy Olive Garden. It’s been a while for me too. I enjoy the quiet too. It seemed I was so busy getting ready for my trip to Florida and I’m enjoying my “doing nothing” this week!

  7. Encouraging words at just the right time are pure gold! Glad you got some this week. I think I’ve only been to Olive Garden once. We don’t have one in our city and when we go to the big city we always end up at Spaghetti Factory when we want Italian since it’s our favorite. Glad you got help with the program issue. That kind of stuff stresses me out. Enjoy your quiet while you have it.

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