Friday’s Fave Five

Another week is almost in the books. How good it is to pause a moment with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story to remember some of the highlights and blessings of the week before they fade from memory.

1. Desk chair arm covers. I love my desk chair. It fits me just right, and everything is at the right height. The back is high enough, and the whole chair is comfortable enough, that I can lean back and take a power nap when needed. So I was dismayed when the armrests started cracking, then little bits chipped away, then the cracks started snagging my clothes. I started mentally designing a cloth that could wrap around the arm rest and keep in place with Velcro. Then—light bulb moment—I thought that somebody had probably already come up with a solution to this dilemma. I looked on Amazon and found arm chair covers at a really reasonable price ($8.95). They’re elasticized rather than wrapping around and look so much more professional than what I was thinking. I’ve found a ridiculous amount of delight in these things.

2. A meal together. It had been a few weeks since I had made a meal for the whole family (minus the out-of-state son). So I invited everyone over for spaghetti last Saturday night. We enjoyed some games afterward

3. Gluten Free cookies turning out well. I had been wanting to try one of my favorite cookie recipes with gluten-free flour. Since my daughter-in-law and grandson began having gluten issues, baked goods were the hardest things to make well–they usually came out very dense. I don’t know if the makers of GF flour have improved or what, but these cookies came out so well. I used King Arthur Measure for Measure flour. I don’t bake much any more with just the two of us home who don’t need the temptation of extra sugar around the house. But I just made one batch and sent some home with the kids.

These are Choco-Peanut Butter Dreams. The recipe is included with some of my other favorites here.

4. Unexpected help. My husband is a blessing to me every week. 🙂 But he outdid himself this week. He has a little sweeper/mopper/steamer gadget that he got out to use on a stubborn stain on our bathroom floor. Then he decided, while he had the device out, to go ahead and do the other bathroom floor. Then he decided he might as well do all the wood floors. What he didn’t know was that sweeping was on my agenda that morning. We have a pretty big expanse of hardwood floors, it was such a joy to come out and find them being cleaned. I was able to go straight on to the cookie baking mentioned above. Then I had time to rest for an hour before making dinner.

Then, just as I started making the cookies mentioned above, I realized I needed more brown sugar. Jim stopped what he was doing and offered to go to the store for me.

5. A dinner-making marathon. Jason and Mittu are painting their kitchen, and they asked if they could come over to make up a bunch of meals for the week so they could just warm them up in the microwave at their house. I mostly hung out with Timothy in the living room, and Jason and Mittu were in and out through the night. They also brought Mexican food take-out and left me with a few of the muffins they made.

I hope those of you in the US have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with loved ones and friends.

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Those arm rest covers are great! And they look very classy. I don’t bake much either since it’s just me eating it and I’d heard that gluten free flour was a nightmare to work with. It’s good to know about the King Arthur Measure for Measure. How great of Jim to do all your floors! He sure is a keeper. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Well look at those arm rest covers. I never would have thought to look for those. Those cookies look delicious and I’m glad they worked with the GF flour. I don’t bake at all anymore. I would be the only one eating them so if I absolutely have to have something I’ll go buy a cookie or two at the bakery not far from where I live.

  3. It’s often amazing what you can find online. Those arm covers look great and I’m all for refurbishing things rather than replacing them. You definitely picked a good hubby. Mine can also be very helpful but usually only after I’ve asked him to do something – he’s not very observant lol. Have a good weekend.

  4. I used to cook a lot and loved it, but I never baked ! Now of course I don’t cook at all anymore being alone. Your armchair cover looks great ! Now you have a new one ! Good idea !

  5. Great find with the chair covers!! They look good.

    YAY for baking!! Those cookies are ones that we make around here but i use whole wheat white flour. I’m longing to try almond flour but it’s so pricey!!

    How fun to spend time with family cooking and playing games. We love board games and are looking forward to sharing a new one with everyone at Thanksgiving.

    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

  6. We had to change our flour to gluten free also. Then we have the added issue of it not having potato starch in it since one of my daughters is also allergic to potatoes and tomatoes. I will check the King Arthur to see if it has potato starch. So far, we have found only Krusteaz.
    It is a true blessing to have a helpful husband. (he is welcome to pop up here any time and clean my floors(: )
    Happy week to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I love that the chair arm covers have delighted you so much! I know what you mean about trying to find the perfect chair. Roomie’s brother had such a chair, but the “leather” was flaking everywhere. We did a pretty amateur job of patching it up with sheets of leather-like stuff. But at least he has the use of it a few more years.

    Glad you found a recipe that works! The various GF flours are so different from each other, results are hard to gauge. I also like the Bob’s Red Mill one-for-one GF flour, too.

    That’s so sweet of your husband to clear off one of your chores.

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