Friday’s Fave Five

Here we are at the last FFF of December, and of 2022. Before we set up next year’s calendars, it’s good to pause and think through the blessings large and small of the last week. Susanne at Living to Tell the Story invites us to do just that.

1. Christmas cards and letters. Fewer people seem to be sending these, understandable with rising postal costs. One friend said that since many of us stay in touch through the year on Facebook, she wondered if a yearly recap letter was really necessary. But, thankfully, she sent one anyway. 🙂 I enjoy sending and receiving them and having a little visit with friends through them.

2. Wellness in time for Christmas. I mentioned some of these faves on my end-of-December reflections yesterday, but I know some are only here for FFF. So I hope you’ll forgive a bit of overlap. Timothy had Covid right before Christmas, causing us to wonder if we should push the celebrations back a day or two. But his fever broke and symptoms abated just in time to be able to go ahead as planned.

3. Christmas and all its blessings: family together, feasting, thoughtful gifts. We also enjoyed a disposable tablecloth that had puzzles, games, and pictures to color. We all worked on it at points throughout the day.

4. My husband made numerous trips to the store for me the last couple of weeks since he was off. That was immeasurable help in freeing me up to get things done at home.

5. Extra time to visit. My oldest son is here for an additional week. He did this last year, too. Even though he is working from our home during the day, we have evenings and an extra weekend before he heads back to RI. That’s been so nice, especially with how busy last week was and with Timothy and Mittu not feeling well part of the time.

Bonus: Friends. Jeremy got a call this week that his refrigerator in RI died. A friend who stopped by to feed his cat noticed a bad odor and discovered the frig was at room temperature with a puddle of oil at the bottom. She cleaned up the puddle and another friend came over and cleared out the ruined food. Thankfully, he had already planned and budgeted for a new refrigerator, so it should be there a couple of days after he gets home.

As we head into a new year, I hope and pray it’s a blessed one for you.

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. What a thoughtful friend to help your boy who lives in RI!! That was kind. Hope all works out with this new fridge.

    Christmas is a huge blessing when everyone is feeling well.

    I’m glad to have received quite a few cards and newsletters this year. I love sending and receiving them. In fact this year I had more than in the last 2 years!! yours look pretty the way you have them hung. We hang ours on the kitchen door that leads to the basement.


  2. Two blessings from a frig disaster–that was so nice of his two friends to come and help with taking care of the dead frig.
    What a blessing for you to have all three boys with you over Christmas time. And I’m glad that Timothy recovered quickly from his being sick so festivities could continue.
    Happy New Year to you!

  3. I’m glad Timothy recovered in time for Christmas! It sounds like you all had a lovely day. It’s so nice you could be with all your boys.
    Happy New Year, Barbara!

  4. Early in the season, I felt like we weren’t getting many cards either. But things picked up and we ended up with quite a few — got 2 today even! I’m with you; I enjoy them and will continue as long as some others do. This year I found a place to order stamps at about a 50% discount which has made me feel a lot better about sending them. I’m so glad Timothy is better! And yes, yay for friends!! A blessed new year to you and your family.

  5. I’m glad Timothy got over his covid in time for you all to have your Christmas together. We’re still in postpone mode with one of our gatherings since my in-laws now have covid. I’ve almost fully recovered from my case.

  6. Glad that Timothy recovered quickly enough for your celebrations to go ahead and how good that your son has such supportive friends where he lives. Getting home to that fridge disaster would not have been fun. Glad you all had a good time. Happy New Year.

  7. I’m sooo behind finding out the news here! I’m glad that Timothy is feeling better and that Jeremy was able to spend some extra time with all of you. Good news about him being a bit prepared to replace his fridge. A Happy New Year to all of you! I’ll shoot you an email in a day or so.

  8. Praise God for that friend investigating the smell. And then cleaning up the mess. So glad that Timothy is feeling better so quickly and that all were able to enjoy Christmas. Love that tablecloth. They are fun. Errand running hubbies are a real blessing at busy times, for sure!! Happy New Year, Barbara!

  9. Ooh, I love the idea of an activity tablecloth (even though we rarely have kids at our Christmas table!). I agree, cards and letters dwindled this year for me, too. But I’m still sending them and it’s always terrific to get some news from friends.

    Glad Timothy improved enough so that you could all still gather and enjoy time together. Somehow, a delayed celebration feels different.

    That is one good friend to take care of what she could until Jeremy could get home. An inconvenience but at least someone was there to help.

    Happy new year, Barbara!

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