Friday’s Fave Five

It’s Friday once again, and time to pause with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story to count our blessings.

1. An excursion to the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN, with Jason and Timothy. Mittu wasn’t feeling well, unfortunately. We talked a bit about postponing our visit, but Timothy had been looking forward to going. I imagine Mittu enjoyed some rare time to herself, though I know she missed being with the family.

We had visited the museum when we first moved here, and at that time it badly needed updating. Thankfully, they changed locations and redid the whole thing. There’s a lot for kids to run around and look at and interact with, but there are also places to slow down and read and learn and experiment.

2. Dinner at Jesse’s. He made us some pineapple glazed ham steaks that were really good. I made cheesy potatoes and applesauce cake; Mittu made green beans and gluten-free bread with pepperoni and cheese inside–something like stromboli. It’s nice to split up meals like that. Then we enjoyed some games.

3. Nice temperatures. We made it into the high 60s a few days this week! Winter isn’t over yet–the forecast shows we’re headed for 20s in a few days. But it was a nice break to have moderate weather.

4. Homemade soups. I love potato soup, but rarely make it from scratch. I get my cravings satisfied by occasional takeout from McAlister’s Deli. But this week, I just wanted potato soup. And since I was peeling so many potatoes anyway, I made a big batch–enough for one dinner and two lunches. Then one day for lunch I used some leftover baked chicken for some chicken noodle soup. This week hasn’t been as cold as the previous weeks, but it was still good to have homemade soups.

5. A competent customer service person makes such a difference in how a service call goes. We had to return a call to a government agency to give them information they asked for, and got handed off to three people before we found one that could help us. She gets bonus points for being reasonably pleasant.

How was your week?

13 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Before Covid, I had intended to take some of the grandchildren to the American Museum of Science and Energy but we never made it. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe a couple of my younger grandkids would still like to go. I’m sorry that Mittu wasn’t feeling well enough to go.

    Homemade soup really hits the spot, doesn’t it? It’s been the weather for it. My mom used to make the best potato soup! And what fun for you all to gather at Jesse’s for dinner! The ham steaks sound really good!

    Congratulations on finding a competent person to help you. Good ones are hit and miss. I’ve had some that made me want to tear my hair out!

    I’ve enjoyed the warm weather too. Hopefully that groundhog lied!

  2. Recently I also had a chance to visit a place that I haven’t been to since renovated. I didn’t see a lot of change, but it was still wonderful to be there again! Enjoying meals with others is such a treat. May you have a wonderful weekend of many more blessings!

  3. Was the Oak Ridge museum you visited the one about the Manhattan Project in the ’40s? Seems like that “radioactive” photo looks familiar. We visited 5-10 yrs ago and I thought it was interesting. Yes, good soup weather! I’m making chicken noodle tonight πŸ™‚

    • There are three different museums (four if you count the children’s museum) that talk about the Manhattan project in Oak Ridge. This one focuses on the science of it and what the labs have done and how they have changed since WWII. There is another museum that we haven’t been to yet that focuses more on the historical aspect. Then they just opened up a K-25 History Center. They all overlap some, as each deals with history and science.

  4. That looked like a fun trip out with Timothy and Jason and sharing the load of a meal is a good idea. Your homemade soups sound good. My Hubby made a tomato based one this week but it wasn’t that great. We have an ongoing issue with a Government department that is proving to be a nightmare. We know we owe them money but we’re not convinced they have calculated it correctly. They’ve referred it to an appeal tribunal but in the meantime we were still chased up by the debt recovery department last week. I have now written to both departments again. They’re spending way more on dealing with the issue than the debt involved!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. I peeled 8 lb. of potatoes a week ago – mostly for mashed potatoes because I had nine people for dinner that night, but also extra to make potato soup for my folks. Always nice to make extra for leftovers!!

  6. Nothing better than homemade soup! I have never made the traditional creamy potato soup. I made a tomato base potato soup that was really good on a cold day. I like to visit museums. My nephew got married at one in San Diego this past December. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. The museum trip sounds great! It looks like all the guys were really enjoying it. I like how museums include lots of hands on for kids these days.

    Your weather sounds wonderful. It’s been months since we’ve seen the 60s. I don’t like to rush the seasons, but I’m really looking forward to spring this year. Today is sunny with blue skies, so that helps.

    Your family meals always sound so nice, with everyone contributing. And it sounds like you are a family of good cooks:)

  8. We were in Oak Ridge on Tuesday! We stopped at the Children’s Museum to get the national park stamp and then went to the K-25 museum.
    I hope your weather moderates and isn’t too cold. I am so ready for spring.
    You do have lots of yummy family dinners.
    Have a good weekend!

  9. I have a get together with friends later in Feb and had planned a hearty soup, but with temps in the 80s…. we’ll see. Your weather definitely called for soup and making it at home probably added extra warm and cozy scents.

    How nice that the museum has been upgraded with interesting things for kids. Timothy certainly looked intent.

    Well done, Jesse! Now you’ve got me craving glazed ham…

  10. The museum looks really great. I don’t think we have anything like that around here, although we do have a museum of natural history and an aquarium. Glad to hear that your weather is warming up. We are still cold here, but I know that spring is just around the corner. Have a blessed Sabbath! See you again soon!

  11. Jeff has a friend who lives in Oak Ridge, TN, so I’ve heard about the museum there but have never visited. It sounds interesting, especially since they’ve redone it. I haven’t had potato soup in awhile. It’s usually one of our winter meals, though, so I better get on it before spring comes. πŸ™‚ It does make such a difference to get a helpful service person. The last few times I’ve called Blue Cross, they’ve actually answered the phone with NO waiting or transfers, and actually answered my questions. It’s been so refreshing and unusual. πŸ™‚

  12. I love homemade soups anytime of year! Your dinner sounds delicious! The museum trip looks fun. The Science Centre was always a favorite of our family’s when the kids were little. We’ve had a couple weeks of lovely mild temps but that will change with another bout of winter coming this weekend. I’ve been loving getting outside.

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