Friday’s Fave Five

Another week has flown by, and I’m pausing with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story to count its blessings.

1. Sunday lunch out with the family at a favorite local Asian place. Jason, Mittu, and Timothy came to church with us and then we went out for lunch.

2. First round of dentist visits over. Somehow I managed to get a cavity in what’s left of a tooth under a crown which is under a bridge. Tuesday the dentist took off the bridge and crown and drilled out the old filling and decay. She doesn’t think the remaining tooth is enough to support another filling and crown, but I’m going to an endodontist next week for a second opinion just to be sure. If not, it will have to be extracted, which will be another appointment with an oral surgeon. Then we’ll have to discuss whether to replace that tooth as well as the missing tooth that the bridge was covering with either a dental implant or partial denture. So, there’s a long way to go yet. But the first part is done, and though not particularly pleasant, it wasn’t awful. I’m also especially thankful for praying friends I sent notes to asking for prayer for calmness of heart, mind, soul, and body during the procedure.

3. A Chick-Fil-A biscuit. Jim had to go out one day for some early morning lab work while fasting. That doctor’s office is across the street from a Chick-Fil-A, so I asked if he could bring back breakfast from there. A treat!

4. Time with family. Mittu texted saying Timothy wanted to come over and play, and offered to make nachos. They brought his bicycle, and we set lawn chairs in the driveway while Timothy rode his bike. Granddad got out his bike and joined him for a bit, and Jason and Mittu and Timothy played basketball for a while. The weather was really pleasant as well.

5. Flowers for the planters. I got them yesterday but haven’t had a chance to plant them yet. It’s supposed to rain much of today, but hopefully I’ll be able to get them planted today or tomorrow. I always love how flowers brighten up the front of the house as well as the back patio.

I hope you have a good weekend celebrating your mom, whether she’s with you in person or in memory.

12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. I’m glad step 1 of dentistry is over! I have had 2 root canals and afterwards (and even during) had the thought that it really wasn’t as bad as you always seem to hear. I’ll pray that the issues can be resolved relatively quickly and painlessly. Chick-fil-A biscuits are so good!! Happy weekend —

    • Even routine dental cleanings are unnerving to me for some reason. Bigger procedures are even more so. As you say, looking back, they’re not that bad. But the anticipation and then sitting there while they are working has me on edge.

      • I *totally* hear you on that! I too am unnerved, pretty much by anything medical 😦 It’s an opportunity to trust God, but I am disappointed that despite much effort here I always seem to get nervous/anxious.

  2. I hope the dental work isn’t too stressful and that they come up with a good solution. I always dread going to the dentist. Have a good Mother’s Day weekend.

  3. That family gathering over nachos and bike rides is totally wonderful. What a blessing to have your family close.

    You and my mom have had quite the dental journey. So glad you’ve made it through the first part and will hopefully get wise advice for the next part. My co-worker mentioned her husband (who has genetically bad teeth) got an estimate for implants (yes, all his teeth) and it was $56,000.

    Enjoy your flowers and Mother’s Day celebrations with love from your family.

  4. I like the blessings you’ve listed: time with family at yummy Asian food places, riding bikes, eating nachos, and having dental work done with a calm mind, etc. I just cannot STAND to go to the dentist but I almost always make it through (I tend to chant various Psalms I’ve memorized or other scripture verses in my head while he’s working ….hahha…i KNOW that’s why I feel calm. ).
    LOVE flowers and I hope you enjoy a nice relaxing Mother’s Day with the people you love.

  5. Hi Barbara. I have some upcoming dental work too. My check-up was OK, but I need to have a crown replaced. I hope there is no trouble brewing under it. Have a very nice Mother’s Day. I am sure your family will spoil you. See you again soon!

  6. I’m glad that the first dental appointment on this journey is out of the way for you, Barbara. Hopefully the rest will go just as smoothly in their own way.

    I haven’t bought flowers yet for my pots, but I hope to in the next couple of weeks. I need to get my hands back in the dirt. The weather finally seems to have settled down into warmer temps to stay.

  7. Most of my pots are full of flowers now. It just brightens up everything. Now on to the veggie garden…
    Dentist appts are never my fave– until they are over. Fortunately, I have a very sympathetic dentist. I hope your situation ends with the best possible option.
    Fun times with Jason, Mittu and Timothy!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you. (love your quote–mother in person or in memory)

  8. I’m glad that you know a bit more of the direction you have to take regarding your dental issue. I think I’d probably rather take a beating than go to the dentist. I’ll be praying for you as you see the oral surgeon.

    How much fun is that for Timothy to come over to play! You are so blessed.

    I’ve had a Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuit and they are yummy! I have to have blood work done later this month but I’ll probably go through the McDonald’s drive thru for mine since it’s just across the street. Although Chick-fil-A is just down the road. . .hmmm.

    Wishing you a lovely Mother’s Day with your family.

  9. Fun to go out for lunch after a church service. Whew that dental work you shared inspires me to make sure I’m doing what the dentist told me to do to maintain my bridge. Praying the rest of work goes smoothly for you.

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