Friday’s Fave Five

It’s time to pause for just a bit to reflect on the week’s blessings with Susanne and friends at Living to Tell the Story.

1. A pre-Mother’s Day dinner out. We stopped going out for Mother’s Day years ago due to long wait times. But I suggested this year going out all together some time before Sunday. So we did that Friday night. Even though the restaurant somehow didn’t have our reservation listed, they got us in fairly soon. I got a piece of Triple Chocolate Cake to take home. It was such a big piece and so rich, I had to split it over two days. The meal and time together were both great.

2. Mother’s Day breakfast. We’ve usually kept our Sunday morning breakfast routine on special Sundays just due to logistics. Saturday night, I was puzzled when Jason and Timothy came over around 9 p.m. They brought a wonderful Mother’s Day breakfast that Mittu had made which I could just reheat in the morning: quiche, fried potatoes, orange slices, grapes, and carrot muffins.

That was such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. And it was very good! We could only eat about half of it Sunday, so we had leftovers for a couple more breakfasts this week.

3. Mother’s Day. Jim grilled burgers, Jesse shucked corn on the cob and other assorted things, Jason made Chocolate Pretzel Pie.

It was nice to have the day off in the kitchen, and everything was delicious. I received some sweet cards and gifts.

4. Hanging plants. Jim usually gets annuals in hanging baskets for me for Mother’s Day. This year he asked if I wanted to go with him to pick out the flowers. It was fun to do that together (he said it was less-time-consuming and stressful, but more expensive 🙂 ).

Outside and inside view of hanging plants

Then, I had not yet planted the flowers I had bought the day before for the planters in front and back of the house. Jim helped with that by clearing out the old stuff. Plus he planted a few in an area by the mailbox. So often, over the years, we’ve had to “divide and conquer” things like this for various reasons. It was nice to do them together. Plus everything looks so nice with fresh flowers in.

This was a ready-made grouping of flowers at the garden center. I loved the colors and combination.

As we were walking around the garden center, we spied this interesting looking plant. We found it was a foxglove, so we decided to get it for the front porch. I didn’t know they grew so tall–about four feet. It has become something of a conversation piece.

5. Oven guards. Somehow I came upon a reel of neat things found on Amazon–and because I stopped to watch it, my reels on Instagram were then flooded with similar videos. But this sounded great, because I frequently burn my wrist on the top rack when putting something in the oven. Our family does “wish lists” for gift ideas, so I put this on my list, and my husband got it for me. I haven’t baked anything yet since I installed them, but I am looking forward to doing so pain-free!

I could list more, but I’ll stop at 5. 🙂 It’s been a lovely week. I hope yours has, too.

11 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five

  1. Your breakfast and pie looks so yummy! All your flowers look so pretty! My roses are blooming now. I need to get outside to do some ruining. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. that pie looks absolutely amazing! YUMMY!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your hanging plants and flowers. Just gorgeous.
    Your mother’s day and time spent with husband are true blessings.

    I’ll have to look into those oven guards!


  3. Your week was full of blessings! Love the breakfast delivered to you by Jason and Timothy.
    And all your flowers are lovely! Yes, foxglove does grow tall, but it is a beautiful plant.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Wow, you had a super nice Mother’s Day with lots of delicious treats! I love all of the flowers, especially those hanging baskets. Those oven guards look like a very good thing to have. So glad you had a good week – now have a nice weekend!

  5. What a nice Mother’s Day! Your breakfast and pie look delicious, and I love the flowers you chose! I have a couple of foxgloves out front. I love them!

  6. So many good things in your list. Love your flowers. That pie looks amazing and sounds like the family really gave you a good Mother’s Day. Enjoy this weekend.

  7. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love fox gloves and have been debating getting some white ones I saw. Interesting bit of info on them just so you are aware they make heart medication out of the leaves. All the Mother’s Day feasting sounds and looks delicious.

  8. I love Mittu’s creativity — and what a lovely way to make your Mother’s Day morning special without a lot of fuss! Your double-pink impatiens are gorgeous. How kind of your husband to help get all the plants and cleaning needed to kick off spring blooms.

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