Wordless Wednesday: Surprises

(Forgive me, I haven’t yet had a truly Wordless Wednesday. :))
When you live with all boys, this is the kind of little decorating touch you might find around the house…

along with this kind of little surprise…

Boys! 🙄 🙂
I love ’em! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Surprises

  1. I am noticing similar things. I have cars and trains decorating everything. In fact, a friend of mine gave him a picture of a tddy bear train for on his wall. He took it in my living room, found a nail, and hung it there. It had a red frame and he loved how it looked with my couch. 🙂

  2. ROFL! I shouldn’t laugh but as I have 2 boys; I know all about this. I find dinos & star wars figures EVERYWHERE! Plants, dog dish, toilet, bed, windowsill……….. I swear they multiply during the night while we sleep!

    Thanks for visiting & commenting on my WW today. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by my site today. I wondered how I meet thank you and there you were on Wordless Wednesday! Have a great day!

  4. Lovely touches they have added. I think that’s great! Thank you for sharing. Made me smile because I remember that and share some of the same memories still with my 9 year old daughter who leaves dolls and such around.

  5. 😆 ~ Yeah, can tell that you have boys at your home. Most of the time I am really quiet around the house, because my guys talk PC’s all.the.time…

  6. Hahaha! My WW are never wordless either. YOu know what my kids leave for ME?? Fake snakes and cockroaches. Stinkers. They know snakes freak me out – so they leave these fake snakes on my keyboard and stuff.


  7. LOL, that is so hilarious! Well, that is just about the cutest little colorful dinasaur I have seen. hehe! That thing in the dishwasher though, no…that is just plain icky! 🙂

    Part II of Our Love story is done, I cracked up at your comment!

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