Wordless Wednesday

Forgive me for not being wordless this Wednesday, but I felt a little explanation was in order or people would wonder why this picture was here. 🙂

When I pulled up in the driveway a couple of weeks ago, I saw this vine peeking around the corner of the house:


It just struck me funny. It’s a morning glory vine that had been taking over objects in its path along the back of the house, and when it started to turn the corner, it seemed like it was looking for more objects to consume. A few days ago my husband did cut it back and freed the shovel and rake from its tendrils. But it might be back, ever seeking….don’t stand still too long near it. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday


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I see from some of the comments maybe a word of explanation is in order. 🙂  This was taken several years ago at Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center in Georgia. This is a case with several cocoons (or chrysalises? I always get them mixed up). I like this picture not only because they are beautiful (I never knew they could be shiny) but also because I think my husband’s reflection in the glass of the case is neat.