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I thought that this week before Thanksgiving would be a good time to share several Thanksgiving- related items in my files. Next week a lot of people will likely be busy with preparing for the holiday or traveling, so I wanted to go ahead over several days this week and share some things with you.

If you are interested in Thanksgiving devotionals, poems, clip art, etc., here are some great sites:

Elisabeth Elliot has Thanksgiving For What Is Given in her Nov./Dec. 1985 newsletter, A New Thanksgiving in the Nov./Dec. 1987 one, An Overflowing Cup in the Nov./Dec. 1991 one, and To Offer Thanks Is To Learn Contentment in the Nov./Dec. 1995 one, A Dog’s Thanksgiving in the Nov./Dec. 1998 one. (Update 11/5/2020: The Elisabeth site has undergone a complete overhaul. These no longer link directly to the newsletter, but the newsletter can be downloaded from the site).

Annie’s Pages have tons of idea. The Make This a Different Thanksgiving page has some great suggestions near the bottom of the page.

Julia Bettencourt used to host Creative Ladies Ministry I had links to several of her Thanksgiving-themed devotionals, but she takes things down and puts others up seasonally. Often around certain holidays, she’ll repost some of her previous themed posts or add new ones.You might check there in the weeks before a holiday.

More Thanksgiving -related content on this blog:

Thanksgiving Bible Study
Some Thanksgiving quotes are here.
More Thanksgiving quotes are here.
Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation is here.
Thanksgiving “funnies” are here and A “Redneck Thanksgiving” is here.
Thanksgiving poems are here and More Thanksgiving poems are here.

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  2. I like Julia’s graphics, they are so pretty. And she does have alot of neat ideas to use for ministry purposes. I haven’t been on her site in years, so thanks for reminding me!

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  8. When I click on the Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgivng Proclamation your website tells me I’m looking for a link or site that is not there. Maybe it could be corrected? Thanks.

    • That’s really odd! I don’t know what happened to that post, but I found it somewhere else online and fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know!

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