Loving others

Last night’s reading from Joy and Strength by Mary Tileston was both convicting and encouraging:

These things I command you, that ye love one another.
JOHN 15:17

YET habits linger in the soul;
More grace, O Lord! more grace!
More sweetness from Thy loving heart,
More sunshine from Thy face!
–Frederick W. Faber

IF thy disturbance of mind proceeds from a person who is so disagreeable to thee, that every little action of his annoys or irritates thee, the remedy is to force thyself to love him, and to hold him dear; not only because he is a creature formed by the same sovereign hand as thou art, but also because he offers thee an opportunity (if thou wilt accept it) of becoming like unto thy Lord, who is kind and loving unto all men.
— Lorenzo Scupoli

The habit of letting every foolish or uncharitable thought, as it arises, find words, has a great deal to do with much evil in the world. Check the habit of uttering the words, and gradually you will find that you check the habit of thought too. A resolution always to turn to some distinctly good thought when a complaining or unkind one arises in the mind, is a great help–as it is to turn every thought condemnatory of our neighbor into a prayer for him. We never can long continue to dislike people for whom we pray.
— H. L. Sidney Lear

2 thoughts on “Loving others

  1. Well said, when people are so unbearing and uncaring it is tempting to just shake our heads and walk away but really, they need our prayers in the worst way. I can’t imagine why some people are so miserable, that they wish ill effects on people who are either blessed or down on their luck. People need to just love one another, and want the best for every soul.

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