Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Wild


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I wrestled with today’s theme. I had pictures of zoo animals and dolphins and whales from Sea World — but I guess since they are domesticated you couldn’t really call them “wild.” I thought of plants, like wildflowers or kudzu, but I didn’t have any good pictures of them, and they are not growing now. I looked up the definition of “wild” in for inspiration, and the first definition was “living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated.” I was going through an old photo album today and came across this picture my husband took at the Butterfly Conservatory at Calloway Gardens a few years ago.


We don’t think of butterflies as “wild,” but even though they are in a “captive” setting, you cannot really tame or domesticate a butterfly.

After I posted that picture, then I remembered a time several years ago when we had a family reunion at Lake Almanor in California and a deer ventured near the cabin we were in:


44 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Wild

  1. Great photos! The one of the butterfly is awesome! When we lived on the island of Molokai, the deer used to run through our yard too. I even had one for a pet. My Dad found it stuck in a ditch, so he brought it home. Do you know that they love to eat mangos?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wonderful pics! We have deers crossing by a field near our home sometimes. Such beautiful animals. Great you could take the picture!!!

    My photo is up too. Please stop by my blog and have a look!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    I will exercise for comments!!

  3. What a beautiful picture of both the butterfly and the deer. Funny that we don’t think of butterflies as being wild but they most definitely are! Wild and free!

  4. I think butterfly’s are suppose to be wild and free! That is a lovely shot! The deer is really neat. Sometimes sitting in my MIL’s living room you can see them walking out in the woods. Really wild!

    My photo is up. Happy Saturday!

  5. Love both your photos! The butterfly is so pretty and it is always a thrill to catch a deer in the wild. Wonderful that you were quick enough to get the photo! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day!

  6. Beautiful butterfly. We see deer a lot here in fact my mom just sent me a pile of photos they took of deer in their backyard. Beautiful creatures until they run in front of your car.

  7. Wonderful photos! We have a butterfly place in Massachusetts (well, it’s a long long way south but it’s still New England): I have to get myself down there and get some photos!

    Unfortunately, no, the weather has not changed: we got a foot of snow last night and white outs with high high winds today and temps still below zero! But the cats seem to be adjusting suddenly for some reason. I actually see them look out a window and then go back to bed!! Thank you for visiting!

  8. What a great interpretation of wild, I loved it. I love to go to the conservatories and walk through all the butterflies.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

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