Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Technology


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We’re a family of techno-geeks. The males are, at least, and I am mighty glad to have people in the house who can figure these things out and show me what to do with them. I could have gone any number of directions with this, but when I walked into Jeremy’s room and saw him sorting through and organizing his technological “stuff” — while using his iPhone and having both his desktop, laptop, and cell phone at the ready — I thought this would be perfect for today.

You can’t use technology without the means to plug it in to a power source!

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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Bird(s)


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Apple sculpture

Some of you will remember this photo from Melli‘s photo challenge for the apple category. But the sculpture has birds, too! This sculpture sits in front of a little shopping center downtown.

And this one isn’t mine: it’s from the I Can Has Cheezeburger site — it’s often the last thing I look at before I log off for the day. Most of the pictures are cats, and I am not particularly a cat lover, but often the captions are hilarious. They do use other animals as well. This one cracked me up:


Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Music


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I had a lot of options this week, but I chose this one from last year’s “Dickens of a Christmas” celebration downtown. One feature is different groups of musicians and singers up and down the street. This brass group was one of our favorites.

We’re looking forward to this year’s event in a few weeks. (Can it be just a few weeks until December??!!)

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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Veterans, Military


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I haven’t done a Photo Hunt in ages. I got super busy a few Saturdays in a row, and then just fell out of the habit — sometimes I’d look at the categories but couldn’t seem to come up with anything interesting.

But I have a few photos from a Veteran’s Day parade a few years ago plus a few in connection with my father-in-law.





Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic. ~John A. Logan

The Photo Scavenger Hunt is hosted by TN Chick.

Photo Scavenger Hunt and Laudable Linkage

I started to make these two separate posts, and then I thought….Why? Sometimes if I post twice in one day, only the top one gets seen. So — feel free to peruse whichever part you might be interested in!


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I haven’t done the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt in a long while…either I didn’t have time to visit the others participating, or I just drew a blank with the topic. But the theme this week is “Purple,” and while this is more lavender that purple, I think it’s related enough to count:


This was taken last June. The hydrangeas are starting to get green leaves now but won’t bloom for a while yet.

You can visit TN Chick‘s place on Saturday for more posts of purple pictures.

Here are some interesting things seen around the ‘net lately:

  • The Common Room also has a good post that runs counter to what you often hear about decorating when there is a man in the house. Bottom line: talk about it, don’t make assumptions one way or another. My husband has often said the walls would probably be bare if he lived alone, but he likes the personal decorating touches that make it “home.”
  • Organizing Junkie has a few links to different kinds of master grocery shopping lists. I have been needing to make one, but I think I’ll try one or two of these. I so often end up going twice a week (or more!) to the store or discovering after I’ve shopped that I’ve forgotten something, and I’d like to get that more under control.
  • Encouraging Caregivers linked to an article about how caring for parents and children differs, though there are some similarities. One difference I’ve found that wasn’t mentioned is that, with children, you have the expectation that their learning curve will grow along with them, that as you teach and model how to act, they’ll learn, and they’ll improve in the area of hygiene, manners, etc. With elderly parents it is just the opposite: it is likely going to get worse. It’s just one of those things you have to accept and work with, but is a factor, and realizing that helped relieve a bit of frustration.
  • Nancy Wilson at Femina had many good posts this week: a convicting yet instructive one on self control; how preventative prayer can help ward off wrong reactions and prepare you to deal with problems in a more godly way (I did this earlier this week, praying Colossians 1:11 when walking into a situation I knew was going to try my patience); and the importance of setting things right in relationships as soon as possible. A favorite quote from the last:

To illustrate this principle, my husband uses the example of a home where things are picked up compared to a home where things are knee deep. In both homes people drop things on the floor. But in the one home they are picked up right away. In the other home, things accumulate until you just can’t even see the floor and you have no idea where or how to begin. In the first home, having a pick-up policy not only keeps the house clean, but it acts as a a deterrent on how much stuff is dropped. Of course no home will be perfect. Things get dropped and can be picked up every day. But if you let things pile up, you can hit the point where you just don’t care anymore. And many people just walk away rather than face the consequences of picking up years of junk.

The Bible says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we step out and begin to seek forgiveness for specific offenses, God will bring more to mind. As we keep confessing, He scrubs off the layers of dirt, we experience real cleansing, and our hearts are washed.We are restored, put right with God and put right with one another.

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Bridge(s)


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When I saw this category months ago, I was excited because I had just the bridge in mind — one I had seen on the way to my son’s friend’s house, with a creek running over some rocks and a neat old shack. But when I passed that way last week — there was no bridge at all! Evidently my mind had just put one there! Too bad — it would have made a really nice picture!!

I didn’t have make the time to go bridge-hunting this week around town, so I went hunting through my photo archives.

It seems like I might have shown this before, but I couldn’t find it: this is a really pretty bridge at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, SC, from our visit there over 25 years ago.

Bridge at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston

A much nicer picture of it is here.

I know I have used this one before, I think for “lights,” but I like it 🙂 and it fits here as well. This is a footbridge from a hotel to a gazebo-like structure at the end of a pier on Folly Island in Charleston. This is from a second visit to Charleston maybe eight years ago.

Folly Beach hotel

These are from my oldest son’s wanderings downtown:


Here is a view from a bridge:


Though I like to look at “pretty” bridges, I am thankful for the many functional, utilitarian ones that greatly facilitate our travels.

Sometimes, though, bridges don’t just make life easier. There are some places we could not reach at all except for bridges. The most important place like that is heaven, and you can read more about the bridge that makes it possible to go there here.

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Furry


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Regular readers of my blog know I love Boyd’s Bear figurines. So cute, and such intricate detail!! I like some of the stuffed ones, too, but they’re bigger, take up more space, and I already have too much “stuff” out on shelves and end tables, plus they are harder to keep dust off of.

When I saw this one, though, I just couldn’t resist because it is similar to one of the figurines I have.


They’re not exactly the same — different colors and clothes — but the basic idea and pose are the same. So now I have a furry version of the figurine.

Here are some other furry creatures that hang around the house:

Jeremy and Jason

Love you guys!! 🙂

And here is another one:
Suzie the dog
No, that’s not from this year: we haven’t gotten that much snow in a while. This is from 2004.

Go to TN Chick‘s for more interpretations of this theme. One of the things I like best about this meme is the creativity of the participants!

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Chipped


Theme: Chipped | Become a Photo Hunter

I know I just posted this picture a week or so ago, but it fits the theme, and I figured you’d rather see this than my chipped dishes:

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

This is a Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, like a peanut butter kiss cookie in bar form, filled with mini chocolate chips and topped with as Hershey’s kiss. I found the recipe on a Land O’ Lakes margarine box.

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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Hope


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Hope plaque

The verse on this plaque is Romans 12:12: “Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing steadfastly in prayer.”

I’m glad my hope is in the Lord.

My hope is in the Lord Who gave Himself for me,
And paid the price of all my sin at Calvary.

For me He died, For me He lives,
And everlasting life and light He freely gives.

No merit of my own His anger to suppress.
My only hope is found in Jesus’ righteousness.

And now for me He stands Before the Father’s throne.
He shows His wounded hands and names me as His own.

His grace has planned it all, ‘Tis mine but to believe,
And recognize His work of love and Christ receive.

(Words and music by Norman J. Clayton)

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Reflection


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Both of these have appeared on my blog before but not for a Photo Hunt, I don’t think.


This was taken several years ago at Callaway Gardens Butterfly Center in Georgia. This is a case with several cocoons (or chrysalises? I always get them mixed up). I like this picture not only because they are beautiful (I never knew they could be shiny) but also because I think my husband’s reflection in the glass of the case is neat.

Sunset reflection

I had noticed a lovely sunset and went out to try to get a picture of it, then on my way out to the front yard I noticed this reflection on the car that I thought was kind of neat. But by the time I got my camera, went outside, and then took this picture, the sun had gone down too much. I tried taking a couple more pictures, but I was directly facing the neighbors across the street who were out in their front yard — whom I don’t know — and felt awkward that they might be thinking I was taking pictures of them or their house, so I gave up.

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