Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Antique


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I thought I would have to sit this one out, because I don’t have anything antique. I like the idea of having something with a history….but nothing has been passed down through the family and I haven’t really gotten into antique shopping. I don’t know enough about it (and don’t need a new obsession! 🙂 ) and wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money. So if I went, it would just be a matter of finding things that appealed to me that weren’t expensive.

I do like the look of antique things in good condition. I wouldn’t want furniture that looks like it has been sitting in someone’s barn for 100 years.

I do have a couple of things that look kind of antique-ish, though, and decided to use those.

First is what’s called a dry sink:


It’s supposedly a reproduction of a type of furniture that used to be made. I think it was the first piece of furniture we bought. We got it from an unfinished furniture store and my husband stained it. I haven’t researched the history, but I am wondering if a dry sink is something they had when they started having running water indoors, as opposed to the ‘wet sink.” Or, maybe the modern manufacturer just called it that. 🙂 Either way, it increased our storage space. Some of the little tins there look like antiques as well.

Next are some brooches I have. These are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry:


The two on the left are from a company called 1928, which makes old-fashioned-looking jewelry. The dresser scarf came from Michael’s.

Next are buttons I use in some of my button crafts. They aren’t antique, either — got most of them at Michael’s. But I love the way they look.


Finally, if a building can be called an antique, this one fits the bill:


The Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. We’ve visited there a couple of times. The house, of course, is full of antiques, but they don’t let you take pictures inside. I love visiting but can’t imagine living there, especially with children — you could lose them any number of places!

Updated to add:

I forgot all about these until I saw the picture for today from Christina about old phonographic equipment.

Grandma's records

When I was a child, I bought these for my grandmother. I don’t remember where on earth I found them. When she passed away somehow I they were sent back to me. I don’t see anything with a date on them, but the artist is “Frank Munn and orchestra.” From what I can tell with a little bit of searching, Frank Munn sang in the 1920-40s or so. Unfortunately our record player doesn’t play this type, but I keep them for sentimental value, and hope to hear them one day.

45 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Antique

  1. I have a dry sink, too, although mine really is an antique. They were used with the pitcher and bowl sets that you see so often. The rim around the edge was to keep water from splashing out onto the floor.

  2. The Cameo’s are beautiful.-especially the blue one. I, too, was going to post a photo of an antique cameo ring which I have, but chose another ring instead.
    Thanks for stopping by mine.
    Happy hunting

  3. Great job with the theme! I love your button collection :))
    I’ve only been to The Biltmore one time but I’d love to go back!
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great antique photos. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture. I also love the brooches with their intricate designs. Those buttons are terrific accents. Thanks for visiting.

  5. I love the records! Some frame shops do framed shadow boxes. If you decide that you don’t ever want to play those records, you could always have them framed and mounted with a picture of you and your grandma.


  6. Great photo’s! The Biltmore House is esquisite. And the brooches and buttons look like the ones we had when I was young.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I think all your items ‘qualify’ for this week’s theme of antique :)…

    I remember seeing the photo of the hotel early on your blog. Didn’t your son had a dance there? But then again — I could be wrong…

    Blessings on your day and always.

  8. I think kids today would look at records even from the late ’70’s as antiques, but these are really old. Many of the young ones have never even seen a record.

  9. Beautiful display!! love your not-so-antique buttons!, they look wonderful!! and we also still have our LP’s… such nice memories.
    Happy saturday!

  10. What wonderful pics, all of them. We are thinking of doing a weekend trip to Builtmore if we can afford it and I cant wait to show hubby your picture!

  11. I have a dry sink too… mine’s not antique either. I think the records at the bottom FULLY qualify as antique! And they are very cool to have! (as for the castle – and children? I think THIS is WHY all children had a NANNY! It was someone to keep track of them every minute of the day!) 😉

  12. I like all the photos – the records are my favorite.
    Now I have to look up dry sink on google and wiki – too curious – lol
    Thanks for sharing
    Enjoy your weekend

  13. Those phonographs are very valuable. I know there are people who can make digital copies of them so you can hear them and keep the originals safe and sound. What a wonderful memory of her you have!

  14. AWESOME photos~really awesome. I love the jewelry but I’d have to say my favorite is Biltmore! I’ve been there twice and once was during Christmas. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by.

  15. WOW lots of antiques! That dry sink sounds interesting, I can’t imagine what it could be used for… I always associate a sink with washing dishes. Maybe my imagination is just not domesticated enough? Happy hunting!

  16. They might not be antiques but as you say, they sure look like antiques! lol Such beautiful pieces!! Love the buttons…I was just at Michaels on Thursday and I can spend hours in there, love their stuff!! Thanks so much for visiting me:-)

  17. Pretty cool collection you have! I am wanting to visit the Biltmore Estate, it looks gorgeous…but I couldn’t imagine living in such a huge place…though it would be fun trying!!! LOL

  18. OH, what great photos!
    I especially LOVE those broaches and the buttons. I love cameos, which always look antique to me, They’re just gorgeous. Great choices and thanks for visiting my place,

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