Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Architecture


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I thought about posting more pictures of the Biltmore House, but I have done that a couple of times and wanted to do something different.

Here’s some old-fashioned architecture from downtown:

Here is a better-than-average looking McDonald’s:


I think it’s in the Asheville, NC area, since it is with that group of pictures.

This is the Grove Park Inn in Asheville:


I really don’t like the style or color of the roof, but love everything else about it. Some years ago we had gone to Asheville for our anniversary and we ate here but stayed in a cheaper hotel, then visited the Biltmore House the next day. I always wanted to go back and actually stay at the Grove Park Inn, so we did that on our 25th anniversary. It was very nice.

Here’s one inside shot:


That was in the month of December, as you can tell, where we discovered they have an annual gingerbread house competition. Here are some of the architectural entries in it:







As I was posting these I remembered I have a few envelopes of pictures from our trip one year to Charleston, SC, which would have more gorgeous architecture that I would probably love even more then these, but I would have to dig them out and scan them — and you’re probably already tired of this long post anyway. 🙂

50 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Architecture

  1. I like the hotel with the red roofs it looks so special sitting there on a hill !
    We also had a ginger bread building competition, it’s amazing what artworks are sometimes coming out.

  2. I love the McDonald’s building, it is so refreshing to see it *not* concrete! Those gingerbread houses are lovely and yummy- but who would eat those? They’re too lovely to eat! 😀
    My photo is up too.

  3. Great pictures. The one that stands out is the one from McDonalds. Here in phoenix they all look alike but the new one in my neighborgood has an interior that is totally different from the rest. It includes a huge beautiful piano and art on the walls. It pretty nice.

  4. The cake inside of the cake is remarkable! wowo, this is a great take on the them for this week…love love love the gingerbread houses creativity!

  5. I love all your photos. I think my favorite has to be the McDonalds. I never thought they’d change their design, but this is very nice. I love their fries, lol. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  6. I totally agree – the Biltmore House is beautiful, but for some reason the roof doesn’t fit…It is still beautiful though. Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures of architecture 🙂

    Blessings to you and yours.

  7. It would be so great to have a McDonald’s that looked like that! It’s nice to see that the company was flexible enough to go with the architecture of the local area. As for the gingerbread houses, those look way too nice for anyone to ever eat but I bet the people at my job would give it a go. They ate the last one that we had as a Christmas decoration before anyone had a chance to actually enjoy looking at it! I apparently work with a bunch of vultures!

  8. Wow this is a great collection for the theme this week. Asheville does have some amazing architecture. And the gingerbread houses are amazing. Just goes to show that architecture isn’t always around wood and concrete, etc. Still architecture all the same. Great picks for The Hunt!

  9. Now that is what I really like… edible architecture. Wonder if the gingerbread houses taste as good as they look?

    And I love the old downtown buildings. You can travel the country and find small towns with the same facades. It brings a sense of comfort, of being home no matter where you are.

  10. Those pictures were great! Fabulous gingerbread houses and the looks of that McDonald’s almost makes me want to eat there. 🙂

    Glad you could stop by mine today.

  11. I really love the gingerbread houses….I’m such a fan of the Food Network shows where they compete to make gingerbread houses, cakes, chocolate sculptures, anything sweet and beautiful! Thanks for showcasing one of my favorite types of architecture!

  12. Great minds think alike. One year my husband surprised me and took me away on a weekend trip for my birthday. We toured the Biltmore, stayed at a nice but cheaper hotel and ate Sunday brunch at the Grove Park Inn. Someday I would love to go back and stay for a night. It’s a beautiful place to be!

  13. The gingerbread houses were awesome – I love gingerbread – now I’m hungry.
    That building with the pink roof looks like it’s been frosted like a cake!
    Great pics.
    Thanks for visting mine.

  14. Wow, you have took some cool photos.
    Everyone always like the photo i take of the places near me in the UK, but i love seeing these pieces of the US.

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