371924_peanut.jpgI got to wondering whether that was an actual word — I tend to mean it as “wiped out, excessively tired” — “I was really zonked last night” — or I fell asleep in my tracks — “I zonked out on the couch at 8:30.” So I looked it up, and, according to dictionary.com, it is a word, and the second definition is “exhausted or asleep.” The first definition is “stupefied by or as if by alcohol or drugs; high.”

So there’s your new vocabulary word for the day.

I was wondering about that word because I was zonked last night (in the exhausted, sleepy way, not the drug-induced way) and did fall asleep on the couch at 8:30. I can’t even blame daylight savings time, because I inadvertently slept an hour later than I had intended. I changed the time on my alarm clock and set the alarm, but I had somehow flipped the switch from “buzzer” to “music.” The radio station I listen to is off the air every Sat. night for maintenance and comes back on Sun. mornings — an hour after my alarm was set for. Somehow, by the grace of God and the fact that I was startled out of my usual morning half-zombie state, everyone made it to church on time — except me.

I missed my usual Sunday afternoon nap because we were having deacon fellowships Sun. afternoon and I needed to make sandwiches for that, then there wasn’t enough time for a nap. A deacon fellowship, by the way, in our church, takes place a couple of Sundays a year and we meet in smaller groups headed up by the deacons at someone’s home in place of a Sunday evening service. There is always one group who meets at the church at the usual Sun. p.m. service time in case there are any visitors or someone didn’t get the word. It’s a nice time to get together in a smaller, more casual setting and…fellowship. 🙂

So, anyway, I was pretty wiped out. I had felt like I was going on about half-steam all Friday and Saturday and thought maybe I was coming down with something. But last night I fell aleep on the couch about 8:30, woke up about 10:30 and put Jesse to bed, then went on to bed, slept straight through to about 4 this morning, had to get up for a restroom break, then fell back asleep until my alarm went off at 5. And I feel wonderfully rested. So I guess maybe I just needed to catch up on some sleep.

My pastor has said he is about as spiritual as he is rested. Man, is that ever true. I was fighting off some less-than-spiritual attitudes this weekend (not that that’s always because of a need for sleep — if only!!)

But today I need to catch up on things I meant to do Friday or Saturday but didn’t because I was so zonked. Our ladies meeting is tonight and we’re doing care packages for our college students, so I need to go get gift bags and boxes and care package stuff and such for that.

I have several “real” posts simmering on the back burner. I finished Jane Eyre last week and want to talk a little about it; I finally finished Mere Christianity yesterday and want to talk about it, too. Catez in a recent post asked about positive examples of Christian community, and I want to share thoughts on that. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people, after a crisis, say, “I don’t know how people survive these things without a church family.” Both Catez and Elle have had good posts about Christian criticism, and I’ve had some thoughts brewing on that topic that I want to explore. Plus, I was talking with another Internet friend who is a younger mom about her discouragement over discipline, so I’ve been pondering a post telling about how we “do discipline” — not that we’re perfect, nor are our kids, but we’ve found ways that seemed to work for us. And there are a couple of other thoughts swirling around. We’ll see how it goes.

That was some Ultimate Blog Party, wasn’t it?! I can’t believe how many people participated — over 900 the last time I checked. Even though I did a lot of “blog visiting,” about 5-10 at a time in snatches here and there, I feel like I hardly made a dent in the list. I think I may have visited between 150-200. I’d like to try to keep working through the list when there’s time. I’ll leave the blog party button in my side bar for a few days more in case there are still party-goers coming around — if so, my blog party post is here. Congratulations to all the prize-winners! And a special thanks to Susan and Janice for this event.

This was going to be just a drive-by posting, but I got carried away chatting. My son tells me there is a new Internet acronym going around: TLTR for “too long to read.” I fear that many of my posts fit that description. 😳 On the other hand, I don’t want to get too concise and end up with something like this. 🙂

I’m going to go take advantage of my unzonked state and get some things done.

(Photo is courtesy of ruperthenn at the stock.xchng)

5 thoughts on “Zonked

  1. Barbara, I do admire you for being so faithful to post to your blog. *smile* And I do understand the need for sleep and naps and what the lack of those can do to a person. Argh! I checked out the book-a-minute link. Oh my word! LOL Is this what we have come to as a society? *smile* It is pretty funny,hm? *grin* God Bless! Oh, and I definitely know the meaning of “zonked”. Been there, done that!

  2. Zonked just sounds so right when I feel zonked. Until I read your post I hadn’t thought about it – it’s one of my favourite words. Thanks for the mention too.

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