Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Steps


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At the park

This was taken several years ago at the same state park where some of my pictures from the “water” theme from a few weeks ago were taken. We had lived in this area for the first fourteen years we were married and frequently went to this state park to have a picnic, feed the ducks, etc. We moved to another state for four years and then moved back to SC, but father away from this place. Once or twice we’ve made treks back there since then. I don’t know quite what his structure was for — it was bigger than what was needed just to climb up and go down the pole, and I never saw it used as a stage. But I have pictures from different years with the boys at the top with their hands straight up, like in the picture below from several years earlier. It was one of those things they did every time we were there.

At the park

On the back of this picture I have written, “TA-DA!”

44 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Steps

  1. What fun, Barbara. I wish I had thought ahead to take photos over the years of my kids in the same place. Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. It only takes simple props to inspire the imagination in kids… what a shame we don’t do more of this rather than the mindless video games… lovely memories here.

  3. I love your picture, let’s call it “Take the necessary “steps” to reach your kids hearts”. You show the weeks theme as well as the importance of family unity all in the same shot.

  4. Barbara, That is just wonderful, I love this idea to return and photograph the same place years later. Not only did you capture the “steps” of the structure, but the “steps” of the boys growing up. FAB!!

  5. Pardon my very late visit. Thanks for sharing these memorable moments. My son loves saying the words TA-DA too, usually after making a forward roll that he learned at The Little Gym.

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