Booking Through Thursday: Seasonal reading

The question for today is:

  1. Does what you read vary by the season? For instance, Do you read different kinds of books in the summer than the winter?
  2. If so, do you break it down by genre, length of book, holiday, or…?

No, I really don’t choose by books according to the season except I might read a book whose setting is Christmas around Christmastime if I happen to see one out around then that looks interesting. Otherwise I choose my reading based on what my favorite authors have out, what I have seen recommended by others, and what I just happen upon that looks interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Seasonal reading

  1. Hello Barbara, I do read books recommended by others too. I saw one on Marianne Arkin’s bloggie entitled Twilight and went straight away to get it. Haven’t started though…

  2. Last year I was on top of reading my favorite authors’ books as they came out, but this year I’ve been so busy with keeping up with challenge books that I haven’t had time to get to my favorites! I do have them sitting beside me right here though, waiting until I can fit them in. 🙂

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