Wordless Wednesday: Jesse


Forgive me for being not-so-wordless today. 🙂 This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of Jesse from about eleven years ago, and I just rediscovered it while looking for another picture a few days ago.

This may sound strange, but, even though I love the young man he is becoming, there are times I still miss this little guy.


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26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Jesse

  1. Oh no, that doesn’t sound strange at all!! I’ve been going through old home videos, converting them to DVD, and I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    That grin speaks volumes.

  2. I posted a picture a while ago in a WW of my 32 year old son when he was 5. I felt the same way. Time just seems to fly by so fast.

  3. I have a son going off to college soon and I know exactly what you are talking about. I keep having flashbacks to special moments in his younger days and it brings tears to my eyes.

  4. I know exactly what you mean — there are certain times when I miss each of my “little ones” — I LOVE them big too – but ohhhhh what I’d give for some of those baby hugs!

  5. That is a wonderful picture of Jesse…

    I totally understand what you mean about them growing part. I think part of us wishes them to be a certain age. Believe it or not, but for me it was when our son was 14…

    Blessings on your Wednesday evening and always.

  6. Doesn’t sound strange to me at all. I’m looking at the 15 1/2 year old right now, wishing he could again be the little guy yelling “Mama!” for just a few minutes.

  7. Jessie rocks in this pic. Love his eyes, and that smile… ooo… melts any heart. BEAUTIFUL, Barbara. Thanks for sharing!

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