Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Childhood


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I didn’t realize just how few pictures I had of my childhood until I looked for some for this week’s theme! Next time I go home I’ll have to raid my mom’s pictures and copy some.

In this one I was about 3. I am told that I wasn’t smiling, for some reason, until someone gave me some pennies. 🙂


I think I am about 6 here with my little brother. I think this was on an Easter Sunday.



I posted this one before, but I was in the 6th grade here. This is one of my favorites.


And this is my 10th grade school picture.


39 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Childhood

  1. You are just beautiful! What gorgeous eyes you have! I love looking at everyones photos…My photos are up now too, please come and visit

  2. Great photos! I don’t have many of myselof as a child either….I want to get some of mine also! Like your range you have….you were a beautiful child!

    Happy Saturday!

  3. Oh – I love those pictures. Isn’t it fun to look through some one pictures? I am so glad that we are able (thanks to technology) to share pre-digital age pictures.

    Happy Saturday Hunt.

  4. You know, I can definitely see you in the baby photo, child photo, teenage photo and in your photos today (on your sidebar). You haven’t changed a bit! Well maybe just a little 🙂 But the eyes, the eyes haven’t changed.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Like Gabrielle, my favourites are the first and last.

    Thanks for dropping by earlier 🙂

  6. So many wonderful and beautiful pictures! Thank you very much for sharing!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. 🙂


  7. I love the one of you and your little brother! So cute — and he was sO tiny! I used to have dresses like you had in the top picture too… I actually do remember some of them! Always frilly… lots with a pinafore. You were a cutie!

  8. Oh I think your childhood pictures are great. I remember one of mine with the Easter outfit and gloves and an awful hat. It was right after I got glasses with those terrible 60’s plastic frames and I was in an ugly phase fifth or sixth grade. Ooooo. I cringe to think of it!

  9. Such wonderful pictures of you through your childhood years! This weeks’ theme is so much fun because we get to see what everyone looked like as a child!! Thank you so much for visiting me:-) xo

  10. Isn’t that funny to see all these old pictures ? I also realized that I have very few pictures of myself as a child, that’s why I took my son’s. I have to say I just grew up after the war so nobody thought about taking pictures, they had other things in mind at that time.
    I had to laugh about your “penny” story, you should be rich by now, lol !

  11. Those a great photos for this theme. I really like the one with you and your brother. It’s fun seeing everyones childhood photos. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  12. Nothing like those old photographs. Technology has come a long way but will the nostalgia show later on tadays pictures like it show on the ones you are diplaying. I loved them all.

  13. Hi Barbara. Sorry for my late visit. Thanks for sharing these special photos of your childhood. I love the first photo. The pennies surely did the trick. Love that smile. Yes, I remember you sharing your 6th grade photo before and it’s really a beautiful picture.

    Thanks for visiting my photo hunt.

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