Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Five


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I’m running late with this today!

This sounds like a fairly simple theme — but I couldn’t think of anything (interesting) to do until yesterday when I was driving downtown. But I didn’t have my camera with me and didn’t have time to go get it and come back before we had to be at a school play. I thought I would dash out some time today, but just didn’t make it. I’ll have to keep those things in mind if we ever have this theme again. 🙂

Then at one point today I noticed one of my favorite pieces of wall art had five roses in it:

Wall art

I bought this several years ago at the Christian bookstore nearby. I loved what it said, I loved the pink roses, I loved topiaries, and I loved the 3-D effect.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: Five

  1. First I thought, OK so where does five comes in, but then I read and looked and sure enough there are five roses in it. I love the saying in it too.

  2. You know I had the same trouble with this weeks word. It sounded easy but I thought it was a bit hard too..Hmm!! You did good!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.



  3. You always see numbered things when you don’t need them, not when you do. That is a lovely piece of artwork there. Have a great week!

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