Show and Tell Friday: Houses

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show-and-tell.jpg Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home hosts “Show and Tell Friday” asking “Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there’s a story behind your special something, that’s even better! If you would like to join in, all you have to do is post your “Show and Tell” on your blog, copy the post link, come over here and add it to Mr. Linky.

When we moved to this house a little over nine years ago and I was unpacking all my decorations, I didn’t realize I had several little houses. The first item was a cookie jar.

House cookie jar

I also found somewhere along the way this cute little house. It’s supposed to be one of those things where you put a small candle in the back and something scented that melts in a little impression above it — but scented things like that give me a headache, so I just enjoy looking at the little house.

House candle holder

I put everything else in a grouping on the kitchen wall.

House decorations

I love the little house-shaped pot-holder with the heart in it. I couldn’t use it as a pot holder, so I am using it as a decoration and enjoying it that way. It will last a lot longer!

Here are some close-ups of some of those things.

House plaque

These were unframed prints at the Christian book store for just a few dollars, and I got some 2 for $5 frames for them.

House prints

The top one says, “Treasured friends: time only makes them more dear.” The bottom one says

Let’s visit — just come in and sit.
Our homes warmed by your presence — so linger a bit.

This is one of my favorites. I love this saying. I think I got both of these at a craft show.

Home is where the heart is

The two on the right here were craft show finds as well. The little windmill my husband brought home for me on a trip to Austria that had a layover in Holland.

Cute little house

This doesn’t have a house on it, but it says “Happiness is home made” — which kind of fits.

Happiness is home made

I’ve shown my some of my hearts and pink roses collections before, and several of these little houses have hearts and/or roses on them. But I don’t have the space to expand this collection like the others, so I am trying to keep it as is. I did, however, buy three little wooden house cut-outs that I want to try to paint “some day.”

25 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday: Houses

  1. I love all your little houses! They are warm and inviting, and I also likes hearts – which seem to go with houses. It’s funny how you never realize all the little knick knacks you have till you move and unpack it all. Finding new places for everything is always fun!

  2. I have not been able to post about the award yet, but I will. BTW, my son preached last night and he wore the nice dress shirt you all sent him for christmas.

  3. What a beautiful grouping and the sayings contained on them makes me want to come in, settle in and have a glass of iced tea or cup of coffee with you……Home is the dearest place on earth and I love being home……Thanks for visiting with me…Betty

  4. Hi Barbara, I collect houses too.I have a collection of houses that are in Savannah,Ga. …I keep them on a shelf in a bedroom.I will have to take a picture and show you.Thanks for visiting my site today. Baba

  5. I love your collection! I collect old place settings; they’re packed away somewhere – I haven’t seen them in years. (Our house is pretty small.) Now that I’ve seen your houses, I’m wondering where I put that china… I’m thinkin’ I’ll look under the bed. lol
    Thanks for sharing these pics with us. 🙂

  6. I love your collection of houses.
    I think the they are all so pretty. I love the saying that go with them: “Bless Our Home” and “Home is Where the Heart Is”.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Have a blessed weekend.

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