Works-For-Me Wednesday: Backwards Day, #2

wfmwheader_4.jpgI had already posted a question for this week’s Backwards Day version of WFMW below, then much later on I remembered something else I had wanted to ask about, so I thought since it was a different topic I’d make it a different post rather than adding on to the previous one.

Someone e-mailed me this week asking if I knew of any Christian resources for dealing with menopause, particularly the problems resulting from lack of sleep and from depression. I don’t, but since this is something I will likely be dealing with in the next few years, I’d like to have some good resources on hand, too.

Know of any?

Again, to take this opportunity to ask for tips from the blogosphere, go to Shannon’s at Rocks In My Dryer.

8 thoughts on “Works-For-Me Wednesday: Backwards Day, #2

  1. Hey, I was thinking of asking a question about menopause on my blog. (haven’t gotten around to it). I did find that Focus on the Family has a little pamphlet on menopause which I downloaded and printed out. It is short and doesn’t cover a lot but if you looked around on their site they might have more that I haven’t found yet.

  2. Barbara, I went through menopause in the mid-40’s and was having a time with hot flashes at night, leg weakness, and a myriad of things. I tried hormone replacement therapy at the advice of my doctor but it only worsened what depression I was dealing with, so I stopped taking them. I then began reading all I could find on natural remedies for menopause and ended up going to Herbal Remedies in Lancaster, Ohio. They sell primarily Nature’s Sunshine herbs, essential oils and so on. Upon their recommendations I began taking two different blends. One was CX and the other was HSN. I don’t remember exactly what herbs they contained but after taking them for approximately a month, ALL of my symptoms began to clear up! My nails and hair were really strengthened, too! I took them for several years and slowly tapered off taking them until I no longer needed them. I am sure that you can buy Nature’s Sunshine products online or whoever is interested in them,might try to find a local distributor or herbal shop. I highly recommend herbal remedies as they worked so well for me. Also, a healthy diet and regular vigorous exercise helps greatly, too, of course, once you are feeling better. Hope this info helps someone! *smile*

  3. One other thing……this particular brand of herbs is pure herbs. There are no fillers or artificial ingredients. They are a little more expensive but well worth it. It’s too bad that they aren’t covered by insurance.

  4. This is going to seem like a strange answer to you, Barbara, but it’s the very first thing I thought of when you said, “Christian resources.” I think the very best Christian resource you could ever find would be Christian women who have been through menopause. Seriously.

    There are also some really good books out there. I’m betting you could find what you’re looking for at when the time comes.

  5. Hi, Barbara, it is Thursday morning and I thought of something else that helped me during menopause. It was Valerian. It was in liquid form. It helped me with insomnia. I bought it at the herbal remedies store I mentioned above. I would just put a few drops in a small amount of water and take it right before bedtime. It didn’t make me sleepy or groggy but helped me to go off to sleep and sleep soundly through the night.

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