Odds and Ends…

Bits and pieces. Randomness. Hodgepodge. Stray Thoughts (that sounds familiar….). Or as Susanne charmingly puts it, Mishmash. That’s what this post is. 🙂

  • I inadvertently had a mini author event (or an author mini-event — the authors are life-sized, I’m sure) in the comment section of this post about feeling too awkward to speak to an author at a book-signing or author event. Several authors somehow found their way to that posted and commented, including one of my favorites, Terri Blackstock, as well as several who were new to me. The general consensus was yes, please do go ahead and approach them, even if you can’t think of anything else to say but, “I really liked your book.” They feel as awkward as we do but they don’t want to sit there twiddling their thumbs with no one to talk to. And affirmation can help spur us on in the work of the Lord. It reminded me of this post with a quote from Elisabeth Elliot to the effect that it is not wrong to want approval. I don’t know how many times in church I have heard someone say, “Since so-and-so isn’t here, I want to take this opportunity to tell something special he did,” and I’ve wondered if it would have really encouraged so-and-so to know that the Lord has used him in some way.
  • About a month ago I wrote about some dental woes and how the Lord was helping me deal with it. I am happy to report that as of this morning I have my new permanent bridge in and I am so happy to be done with that! I do have a similar problem on the other side that I am hoping can be solved with just a crown rather than a bridge — I have an appointment to deal with that next week. The digestive issues I was concerned about with the antibiotic I had to be on (that has big warning signs of possible colitis as a side effect) were minor, thankfully. I did eat some yogurt every day I was on it and a few days afterward, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it, especially Yoplait’s orange dreamsicle flavor.
  • Friday afternoon and evening our school had its annual fall festival, and it was a perfect, beautiful fall day for it. It’s a fund raiser for the senior trip, but the whole school gets in on it. Each class mans a booth or activity of some type. It’s kind of like a mini-carnival. Jesse’s class’s booth sold funnel cakes (very good! But I don’t even want to think about the calories!) and fried Snickers bars (didn’t try that — almost raises my blood sugar just to think about it). There’s one lady who has the set-up and know-how to do it, so all the other parents had to contribute was a little money for supplies, which was fine by me. One of the other classes sponsored a dunking booth. Usually they have pastors and teachers (Carol, aren’t you glad you only had to sell tickets? 😀 ) and staff in the booth to be dunked, along with maybe a Bic Mac (big man around campus 🙂 ) or two, like some of the athletes. But this year they had the youth pastor and the school principle, then they opened it up for students to volunteer. They did send permission slips home for it ahead of time, and Jesse wanted to sign up to do it. Participants who wanted to be in the dunking booth had to pay six tickets ($3) for the privilege for 20 minutes, and others could pay two tickets to get 3 throws to try to dunk whoever was in there. Jesse had the time of his life. He thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, I dunked him. 🙂 It was funny, though — when we got there and saw the schedule of students who had signed up, they were all 7th and 8th-graders. I guess they were young enough to think it would be great fun.
  • Dunking booth

  • fallyall.jpgShannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting another give-away extravaganza like the Dog Days of Summer event that I am sure many of you remember, only this time it will be held at her Bloggy Giveaways site (which, by the way, you should subscribe to or check regularly. There has been some neat stuff given away there!) This event is called the Fall, Y’all Bloggy Give-Away and will be held the week of October 29. Anyone with a blog can give away anything (within Shannon’s guidelines) that week and link to it there. Details are here. It was a lot of fun last time — people gave away books, CDs, crafts, jewelry, and all kinds of stuff. I didn’t win anything, but I had fun hosting a give-away and meeting some new bloggers.
  • My new copy of the revived Victoria magazine just arrived this afternoon! I can hardly wait to sit down and pore over it.

Some very nice people have passed on some awards to me.

New and fun blog friend Carolyn at Talk…to…Grams awarded me the You Lift Me Up blog award, saying, “Barbara H. at Stray Thoughts: I am new to reading her blog but I have read her comments for a while on other blogs and I liked what she had to say so much that I went over to her blog to see what she was about!! And I loved her post!! Very uplifting!”


Jen at My 3 boys and I passed on the Totally Fabulous award to me.


And Alice at Hello, My Name Is Alice passed on the I Love Your Blog Award to me.


Thanks you ladies all so much! It warms my heart that you would each think of me in such a way.

I passed the I Love Your Blog award on to others a few weeks back. The You Life Me Up award and Totally Fabulous award I’d like to pass on to all who read and comment here because you are fabulous and you do lift me up!

5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends…

  1. Dunking booths, hah! I still blame my lower back problems on sitting in the dunking booth about ten years ago!!! Glad the boy had fun, and glad it’s not me sitting in one!

  2. Glad your dental woes are over and all is fine.
    I love that all those authors found their way to your post. And I’m glad that they clarified how we should handle things. I would be way too nervous to talk to an author and I probably wouldn’t even say “Hey, I love your book”.
    And what is a fried snickers bar? Wow, I think I’d have to try that at least once in my life (although it does sound as if it could kill you). Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. I am always folling your blog and like it very much but because I don.t have google or such and such I can’t post this to you
    Mary Ann

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