Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: I love _____


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Most of these have appeared on my blog before, since I have naturally blogged about things I love. 🙂

At the top of the list of people I love would be God. I don’t mean to be disrespectful or demeaning or belittling to Him in any way by including Him on a list with lesser things, but, really, how can I make a list of what I love and not include Him? And though this is only a representation of Christ (I wrestled with the whole graven images issue here), I love the depiction of the Good Shepherd who found His dearly loved lost sheep.

Shepherd picture

I love my Bible and I am so glad to have it.

Psalm 51

I love my family:

I love hearts and pink roses:

Pink rose topiary

I love chocolate, especially semi-sweet:


I love my extended family, autumn, pizza, Mexican food, reading, friends, holidays, old movies….and probably a lot more, but I’ll stop now. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt: I love _____

  1. I love your list of what you love!! I love a lot of the same things!! Pink roses!! Chocolate and Of course the Lord and His Word! I love the picture of Jesus and the little lamb!! Blessings, Grams

  2. “I really love this list!” It is ever so sincere and very sweet. I love everything that you have on your list in that order too. You are a very deep person. This is a great Post and idea! Have a lovely Weekend.
    xo Jeannene

  3. What a beautiful post. The whole front wall in our church sanctuary is a hand painted mural- in the foreground is Jesus with a flock of sheep. He is carrying one in His arms and amongst the ones surrounding Him, there are even some black sheep included. I love the fact that the artist put them in the picture.

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