Monday Morning Miseries….

Jason, my middle son, is having two wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Fun way to spend Christmas break, eh? We saw the oral surgeon last summer, and the x-rays showed the bottom two were coming in at an angle that would push the rest of his teeth in, and the roots of one were very near a nerve. He said we could wait til Christmas to have them pulled, but he wouldn’t advise waiting much longer.

He only has the bottom two — the x-rays showed no wisdom teeth at all on the top. So that’s good.

I’d appreciate your prayers that all will go well with no complications as he heals. He’s never been under anesthesia before. He usually handles physical problems, the few he’s had, very well.

I told him at least this will take his mind off the fact that his girlfriend is five states away for the rest of Christmas break…

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Miseries….

  1. UGh Ugh Ugh.. poor guy..
    I was to be having the same thing done tomorrow morning at 9am.. I needed two wisdom teeth pulled and a filling.. I have been dreading it for two weeks now(that is when I made the appointment) ONLY we got a blizzard and my kids are already on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow at school, my guess is they will call it off together if we get anymore snow at all.
    So since I can’t make a 9am appointment in the morning now.. I called and canceled it.

  2. My prayers go out for your son. Poor guy! Kids heal pretty quickly so hopefully he’ll be ok in no time. I remember having mine out (20 years ago) and I think it took about a week to feel a lot better. Keep us updated!!

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