50 things learned in 50 years

My son sent me a link today to a Chicago Tribune’s columnist Eric Zorn’s 50 things he learned in 50 years. Since I just turned 50 myself this past year I thought it was an interesting exercise, though I wouldn’t agree with his perspective on every point.

I especially liked

4. The first person to use the expression “Get a life!” in any dispute is the loser.


33. The 10-minute jump start is the best way to get going on a big task you’ve been avoiding. Set a timer and begin, promising yourself that you’ll quit after 10 minutes and do something else. The momentum will carry you forward.

I might do this when my next birthday comes around in August. I’ll have to set aside a file and jot things down as I think of them between now and then — if I try to do it then I know I’ll go blank.

3 thoughts on “50 things learned in 50 years

  1. That is a great idea!!!! I’m going to try it also. I turned the big 5-0 in December. My 19 year old son, ever the encourager, said “Just think–now you’re closer to 100 than you are the day you were born.”

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for bringing this one to attention. I was just thinking to myself how I love, LOVE list (which is why I had the complete set of “Lists to Live By” books), and the writer had me at #50: Readers love lists. You got to the bottom of this one, didn’t you? Haha!

    I think I might use this on my blog too though I’ve a long way to turning 50. My excuse would be, I’m a list lover! 😀

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