A “wintry mix”

Doesn’t that sound like it should be the name of a Chex mix frosted with powdered sugar?

We had a forecast for a wintry mix of sleet and snow last night. I had gone to the grocery store about 4:30, and it was incredibly crowded. I’m not usually there at that time of day, so I thought maybe it was the stop-after-work crowd. Then I remembered the forecast. People are famous here for buying out milk, bread, and eggs before a winter storm is coming. Ivman says they must all be making french toast. đŸ™‚ The grape jelly was out, too, so I imagine a lot of people are planning on peanut butter and jelly if the power goes out.

That’s the worst part of this kind of weather — as of 7 a.m. 3500 people in the area were without power.

The school kids, of course, were all hoping for school closings. It was starting to snow before we went to bed, and towns to the north of us were already reporting closings. It would be nice to know the night before so I wouldn’t have to set my alarm clock!

We woke up to this:

And the schools are indeed closed, so Jesse’s happy.

Jason’s college is not, though, and it’s a 35-40 minute commute for him, so I am a little concerned about that, especially with his lack of experience driving in such weather. But it’s already starting to rain and this is the one morning he doesn’t have to go in til later morning, so hopefully the roads won’t be too slushy when he gets on them.

Northerners make fun of us for closing things down in ice or snow, but, really, you don’t want people on the roads who don’t know how to drive in this stuff!

As winter storms go, this one isn’t bad. But I’m staying inside to enjoy our snow day winter slush day. And I am very glad not to live where there is snow on the ground all winter.

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