Show and Tell Friday:Laundry room

Our laundry room thoroughly needs to be redone. I was reminded of just how much when I tried to take pictures of the few things I have on the walls in there! I ended up taking a couple off the wall and photographing them on top of the washer. Someday we want to fix it up — it’s just low on the list of many things to do right now.

But I do have a few things in there to brighten it up a little.

Laundry room sign

I especially like the little clothespin holder there on the line.

Laundry room decoration

This picture is maybe only 4×5″. We got it as a souvenir when we visited the Wren’s Nest, home of Joel Chandler Harris (author of the Uncle Remus stories), when we lived in the Atlanta area.

While I was thinking about these pictures, I remembered a cross stitch piece my sister had done that for some reason needed to be reframed. I had forgotten all about it. But I dug it out and hope to take care of that in the next few days!

Laundry cross stitich

I don’t usually feel that way about laundry, so that’s a good reminder, besides being just cute in itself.

Show and Tell Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home hosts “Show and Tell Friday” asking Do you have a something special to share with us? It could be a trinket from grade school, a piece of jewelry, an antique find. Your show and tell can be old or new. Use your imagination and dig through those old boxes in your closet if you have to! Feel free to share pictures and if there’s a story behind your special something, that’s even better! If you would like to join in, all you have to do is post your “Show and Tell” on your blog, copy the post link, come over here and add it to Mr. Linky. Guidelines are here

30 thoughts on “Show and Tell Friday:Laundry room

  1. Oh Barbara, we do not have any decoration at all in our laundry room! To be honest, I have never thought of decorationg it… ;-)))

    I really like your laundry banner with that tiny cute wash board. I have a real antique wash board, too and I will put it out in the garden as soon as the winter comes.

    Have a great Friday Barbara and happy sewing?

    Best wishes from Germany,

    P.S.: I am sharing my new spring hearts on today’s “S&T”

  2. I love this!!!! These are all just so adorable and so cute….and whimsical. I love whimsical.

    If you haven’t dropped by my Show N Tell yet, I sure hope you do. Have a great Friday and Happy weekend!!!

  3. “loads of love” – precious moments – too cute!
    yes, i need to adjust my thinking on laundry…there’s ALWAYS laundry going here at our house! is so easy for me to start grumbling on the umpteenth load! i’ll just think “loads of love”…”loads of love”…

    have a blessed day, Lisa

  4. I can barely get into my laundry room! Ha Ha! It’s got tons of camping gear and craft junk in there as well! Once our daughter marries this Fall I can clear some stuff out of there and store it in her closet. Maybe then I can think of painting the walls (right now, you can’t even see the walls with rubbermaid containers stacked almost to the ceiling!) I liked your little laundry line. It reminds me of the one I have that I put out at Chraistmas. It has Santa’s socks, jacket and britches hanging off of it!

  5. Adorable items. I love my laundry room. I like to redecorate it from time to time. The last thing I did was paint one wall pink – my favorite color and put green glass nobs on the wall cabinet. It makes me smile when I do my laundry.
    Have a great weekend.

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  7. I have the very same little sign you showed first in my laundry room. If you would like I posted my laundry room in my blog a while back. I enjoy having cute things in a room that I don’t particular love using!

  8. I never thought about decorating my laundry room. Unless muddy boots count! Your decorations are cute though. Do people see your laundry room, or is it in a hidden part of the house?

    I’m having a giveaway on my blog (not for S&T) if you’d like to join. It’s a sticky post at the top.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Barbara! Great show and tell. Our laundry room is so overdue for a makeover and like you, it’s way low on the “to do” list… I love your cute wall hangings.

  10. My laundry room is the downstairs bathroom, and I do have a couple of cute Holly Hobbie pictures that I embroidered years ago – they bring back happy memories.

    Thanks so much for stopping by today – come back any time!

  11. Those are so great for a laundry room! It makes me long for a laundry room, but I’m glad to have a washer and dryer at least.

    My favorite is the picture.

  12. I love decorating my laundry room! In my last laundry room, I painted it a bright sea-green blue to make the small area look bigger and make it happier. Now, In my new laundry room, I’m starting an antique key collection and ceiling tile collection. It just makes me so much happier when I do laundry! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh, how cute! I think it would be a pleasure to do wash in your laundry.

    If you have time, please stop by and play Cookie’s Treasure Hunt this week. I’m giving away my collag Contemplation in a Parallel Universe.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  14. No laundry room as such here in Wales, but we do have a “back place” which is a lean-to building which houses the spare fridge and a big freezer, and down a step to the washing machine. It is NOT a tidy place, as lots of junk lives out there too! A tidy laundry room sounds great.

  15. I wish i had a laundry room! My washer and dryer are in the basement/garage, so there is not much there to decorate, but I love your pieces.


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