The Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my Window…it is not too bright yet.

I am thinking…about whether to go to a baby shower tonight and what to get. I usually like to attend as a ministry to the mom. This time the mom-to-be already has clothes and such from a sister-in-law and others and only needs things like diapers and wipes. That’s a necessity…but not much fun to give. 🙂 But it’s all about what she needs, right? I am thinking about a gift card for whatever things she might discover she needs that she doesn’t have yet, or for the continuing need for diapers and wipes.

I am thankful for…Jason’s coming home from CA in two weeks!

From the kitchen…nothing yet. 🙂

I am creating… a Paula Vaughn cross stitch project, working on it evenings during the week.

I am going… to visit my mother-in-law today.

I am wearing…my nightgown and robe. I woke up a little earlier than the kids and decided to take advantage of the quietness instead of hitting the shower right off the bat as usual.

I am reading…To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and just started It Happens Every Spring by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman.

I am hoping…the kinks in my back get worked out in the shower.

I am hearing…a few birds, my computer making little noises, an airplane and a train whistle.

Around the house…I need to do some extra cleaning in the kitchen this week.

One of my favorite things…my family.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…I need to make appointments for Jesse with the eye doctor and orthodontist.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Suzie the dog's bath

This is poor Suzie, getting a bath. You can tell how she feels about it. 🙂 Just love her expression. This picture is from a few years ago, and I have shared it before, but I just watched Jim give her a bath Saturday afternoon, so I was reminded of it. She’s very patient, though she hates it. The only time she tries to pull away is when he rinses near her face.

The Guidelines for the Daybook are here at The Simple Woman, who created and hosts this weekly meme.

10 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. That’s a sweet little meme! I’m afraid if I played it weekly some of my answers would get repetitive… but I like it!

    I never even THOUGHT of hypnosis as being a no-no… Only as something that I (at first) was totally AGAINST having done to me!!! I still do not think I would use (if I could) hypnosis as a form of “treatment” for something… or in any situation where I would be “one on one” with the hypnotist! In this situation I felt comfortable with it because it was “entertainment” and because my entire family was there!!! They wouldn’t let him do something that was uncouth! AND because he did specifically say that he ONLY does “silly” stuff — he would never make us do anything that he would not want to have done to himself! The other thing I thought that was very good was that in the first sequence of the hypnotic state he told all the participants “Do not SAY or DO anything that you would not be comfortable to say or do were you NOT hypnotized. AND do NOT give out ANY personal information of ANY kind!” He was very specific about that. I, of course, was not under… but those that were GOT that message loud and clear! It really was a fun evening! Dang it!

  2. When I go to a baby shower, I get something for the baby, but always try to include something for the mom. It might be a candle or two or some of her fav lotion/soap if I know it. Or even something she’s more likely to use for herself, like a gift card to Starbucks.

  3. Call me crazy (and many do) but I like to give the necessities…but then again, I was SO greatful to get them. We didn’t have much money, and a package of diapers and a box of wipes was like manna…..but ya know, a gift for momma is great…and well appreciated. Just have a good time tonight! Sounds like fun to me.

  4. I think a gift card is a great idea and there will always be things to buy with it. But if this is a first baby for her, I think it would be nice to have some new things, too, not all hand-me-downs. I agree with Shelly too, something for Mom would be nice. How about thank you cards and stamps or a nice bottle of lotion. Whatever you do decide, go and have a good time.

  5. Good luck with your plans for the week. I hope you enjoy the baby shower and that your back is better. Your post was all about showers. LOL!
    I love the dog photo. You have to come over and visit me because I think we might all be related. Check my Sat. posts. I have a guest writer named Daisy. Check us out!
    I emailed you about the shower too with a suggestion.
    Now I am off to read the rest of the Daybook entries.
    Have a great week.

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