Sites to see

  • Melli has a marvelous plan for our next presidential election. (Melli for president!!)

11. Never marry a man who lets you take the initiative in everything. You want a jellyfish, maybe? You want Burt Lancaster instead.

12. Never marry a woman who never lets you take the initiative in anything. You want a porcupine, maybe? You want Maureen O’Hara instead.

  • I don’t remember where I saw the link, but I might try this idea when reading through some of the shorter epistles. In my “reading through the Bible but necessarily in a year” plan, I am in II Corinthians right now, coming to some of the shorter epistles that are all too easy to just zip through. They are so meaty, and to amble through some of them in one reading and then just go on to the next one the next day leaves me feeling like I am not getting as much as I could out of them, and I have been wanting to take more time to absorb them. (By the way, with this and the link just above it, I am only familiar with these particular posts. I haven’t read anything else so therefore I can’t endorse the entire site — it may be fine, but as with any link, use your own discernment.)
  • Kim at Life In the 10/40 Window guest-posted here today about a missionary wife’s perspective in adjusting to the field. It’s an excellent article not only for a window into a missionary’s adjustment but also for dealing with any major life changes. I like this summation:

I think that we do others a disservice when we hide behind a mask and pretend that everything is o.k. We are human and we will struggle. We can help someone else through the struggle, if we are willing to humble ourselves and be transparent. God knows that we are dust (Ps. 103:14)! How marvelous that He still chooses to use us!

In the craft department:

Finally, a couple of LOL Cats funnies:



5 thoughts on “Sites to see

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh NO! I don’t wanna BE president! Ungh unh! Nope… not ME! LOL! (but thanks for the mention!)

    I LOVE that oatmeal box! And I’ve done the tea staining before – that works really well!

    I like that idea for the Bible books… it’s very similar to one of the chapters in Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods… very good stuff!

  2. Wow, Barbara, I love the idea of reading through a book of the Bible 20 times. For sure by the time you were done you would really “own” it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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