Yesterday was one of my busiest days in a long time, preceded by a busy week last week.

Last week our ladies’ group newsletter/booklet (we never know quite what to call it) was due and takes the better part of the week, but I love it. Often I would like to lay aside other things I am involved in and just do that.

Usually there is a week between that coming out and the monthly ladies’ meeting, but we had to move the meeting up due to a conflict which I didn’t find out about til last week. It was a “work” meeting making some cards for our missionaries (I’m thinking I’ll show some of them on Thursday when Kelli hosts a time for doing that) which entailed some shopping for supplies, and we didn’t have a hostess, so I needed to supply refreshments, plus all that is usually involved in getting ready for a meeting. I was on my feet for the better part of the day (let’s just say I could never be a cashier or a waitress!) It was a fun meeting, but I am wiped out.

Not complaining — just “keepin’ it real.” 🙂

So today I gave myself permission to crash. I took a nap. I am almost caught up on my Bloglines. I played Scrabble and Word Twist on Facebook. I did get a little work done. But mostly I’m just vegging.

Every time I thought about posting today I could not come up with anything articulate. Or anything inarticulate for that matter. 🙂

But I am sure I’ll be rejuvenated by tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Veggin’

  1. please read my blog – I have important info on it

    nothing wrong with taking a rest when u need to – good on you

  2. Actually… I think days like that are absolutely NECESSARY in life — one a week oughta do it! (okay… maybe 2) 🙂 I always think I’m going to have a “quiet” week… I don’t know why I always think that… but I do… and then I never do! I’m reading a book by Charles Stanley right now – and he’s encouraging me to set goals. I was feeling sO guilty last night because I don’t have any goals in life… I think MEN need goals. Women just need TIME! LOL!

  3. Nothing wrong with this post!
    We do our newsletter on the club level by computer now. Saves postage and still works well.
    We also send out our minutes this way, ask for corrections and then just vote on the final product at our meeting.
    I’m with you about the “standing on our feet” job. I’ve known for years that I couldn’t do that, ever since the first back injury plus the arthritis.
    You deserve a day of vegging. Enjoy!

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