Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt: Scary


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This little guy is trying his best to look scary.

This is an old picture. We discovered several years ago that a possum family was using a rubber drainage tube from our patio down to a lower part of the back yard as their subway. This baby got separated from his family, and, if I remember correctly, was roaming around the patio. My husband and boys caught him in a bucket to try to take him where we thought the others were, but he wasn’t very happy about it…probably because we looked pretty scary to him!

You can find more photo interpretations of “scary” at TN Chick‘s on Saturday.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt: Scary

  1. I think he’s kinda cute! The big ones are scary though – one morning I saw a possum in my bird feeder right outside my kitchen window and it really startled me.

    Great post! Thanks for visiting mine and have a nice weekend!

  2. ACK! My first experience with an oppossum was when (in the city) one showed up on my PATIO! OY! It was night – and all I could see was those beady eyes and that loooong tail! I was SURE I had a GIMONGOUS rat! Oh my gosh… I couldn’t even SLEEP that night! Needless to say, I am still not terribly fond of oppossums… though some children’s books do give me an occasional fondness for them!

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