Preparing for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite church services of the year is our Thanksgiving Praise service, usually held the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving in place of usual Wed. night prayer meeting. It’s a time when the floor is open for testimonies, and it’s such a joy to hear people speak about the Lord’s hand in their lives over the past year.

God is good.

By the way, thanks to many of you for the reminders (on the post about Castlepoint closing) that when God closes a door, He has something else in mind, something even more suited for those involved. That’s one of those things I know but temporarily lost sight of while absorbing the shock and suddenness of the news. We can trust Him for the future — He already sees it and is preparing us for it.

Today will be a busy day. Jesse has his sports physical for basketball this morning, then I have pies to make this afternoon. I have to confess I use frozen pie crusts. We don’t have much counter space to roll out pie crusts, and it’s such a mess, and frozen ones aren’t that expensive.

I got a free turkey — a local grocery store awarded points for each shopping trip there over the last few weeks. But the ones they gave out were a little over 12 lbs., and then I feared that might not be enough for 7 people — the five of us, Jim’s mom, and Jason’s girlfriend, and possibly a friend of theirs from school who wasn’t able to go home for the holidays. I usually get about an 18 lb. one. According to one cookbook you should allow 1/2 lb. per serving if the turkey is over 12 lbs., 3/4 lb. per person if under 12 lbs. I think it will be okay — I hope. I don’t mind not having leftovers to put in the freezer for future casseroles, but we like enough to make turkey sandwiches or heat up a plate of leftovers Thanksgiving evening and the next day, and then to make Turkey Bone Soup.

Jesse has a half-day of school today, but everyone else is off for the rest of the week. We don’t usually get our tree right after Thanksgiving, but we’ve talked about it this year since everyone will be off over the weekend. Other than that we don’t have any plans. Maybe play some games, watch some DVDs, and relax. NO shopping on Friday — I’d rather wait til weekday mornings when it’s not crowded. Jim wanted to start painting the outside of the house, but it’s been pretty cold lately, so I don’t know if he’ll start that this week or not. But with everyone here, posting might be lighter than usual. Then again everyone does take time to do their own things, so we’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

5 thoughts on “Preparing for Thanksgiving

  1. I hope you did go back and pick up a turkey breast to accompany that little turkey or no sandwiches for you! It sounds as if you’re planning for a houseful; that’s the best kind of Thanksgiving.

  2. Hello,
    I liked reading about your plans. Honey Bear has off until Tuesday. I am hoping he’ll get the lights up on the eaves of the house. He plans to plants some trees in our new back yard. Saturday, our states biggest football rivalry is on TV. We love college football so I know we’ll watch some other games. We usually eat leftovers on Friday also.
    I sometimes use the refrigerated crusts and just put them in my own pie plate. I think the frozen ones are fine. My pumpkin pie is a Ms Smiths.
    Have a wonderful time with your family.

  3. If you get the Marie Callender’s or Mrs. Smith’s brands, you’ll hardly know the crusts aren’t homemade. They cost a little more but are far better in quality. Some things quality doesn’t matter so much, but in pie crusts. . .it’s worth it!

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