WFMW: Geeky Gifts For Guys

I have a husband and three sons. They’re not sports fans or hunters or golfers, but they do like technology and gadgets. For anything really technical I need to get the exact name, product code, etc., but these are some “other” gifts they’ve enjoyed receiving over the years.

1. USB Rocket Launcher plugs into the USB port of your computer. My husband has one on his desk at work that coworkers like to launch.


2. USB Doomsday Device Hub

USB Doomsday Device

It has a series of buttons and levers, and people just can’t resist pushing and flipping them to see what will happen, despite the dire warnings. Of course, Jeremy and Jesse wanted to try it out.

3. USB Beverage Cooler


When you don’t want to walk all the way to the kitchen for a cold drink. It holds one drink can.

4. Duct Tape wallet. Because guys can make ANYTHING out of duct tape.


5. Digital Temperature Fork. This is handy if your guy grills: a fork with a meat thermometer built in. Ours came with a set of grilling utensils. We got this from a department store (J. C. Penney’s, I think) one Father’s Day, but I ran a search for it and found several sources online.


6. Digital Bank


Ours, which we found in the men’s department at a store in the mall, is much plainer than this version from SlashGear, but there are several online. It keeps count of the total of the coins as you drop them in. I don’t know how you adjust it if you remove any — maybe that’s motivation not to!

7. Anything from Scottevest, a line of clothing designed to accommodate the wires and cords from electronic devices and all sorts of pockets and compartments. A couple of my guys had their jackets on their “wish list” for years, but they were kind of expensive, so all we ever got was this hat (you can click on the video link there to see where the compartments are).

8. Many of the above items can be found at ThinkGeek, the name of which speaks for itself. Lots of…interesting stuff there. It’s mostly a family-friendly site, but, as with all external links, use caution and discretion.

You can find a plethora of workable tips at Rocks In My Dryer each Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “WFMW: Geeky Gifts For Guys

  1. Oh, and our son, Daniel made and carried a duct tape wallet all through high school. It was unbelievably durable! I tried to get him to make them and sell them on Ebay or something for some extra money but he wasn’t interested. Hmm…maybe that’s something I could do? *grin*

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