Monday odds and ends

  • We very much enjoyed our anniversary! Thanks for all your lovely thoughts and wishes. We usually just go out to dinner and exchange cards since it is such a busy time, but I look forward to that dinner out with just the two of us each year amid everything else going on. I’d recommend it even if it is not your anniversary.
  • Everyone is off this week, and I so enjoyed sleeping in!! I definitely needed it.
  • I think I am pretty well set for Christmas. I need to sit down and take stock and make a list, but overall things are going well with minimum stress, despite the late start. I know I have to go to the grocery store: we don’t have freezer space for something big like a ham or turkey, so I have to wait until a few days beforehand to get those. I also need to get my mother-in-law a stocking since she will be with us Christmas Day, and I am kicking myself for not thinking about it all the times I’ve walked through Christmas decorations the past few weeks and hoping there is something decent left. I need to get some stocking stuffers and round out a few things…but overall I’m feeling pretty well prepared. There is one thing I wanted to make for a after-Christmas birthday, but there are few places that sell fabric in town any more and none has what I want, so if there is time I may try to go to the next town to buy fabric.
  • The last of the Christmas events has been attended except for meeting my sisters and their families for dinner this week (we live less than an hour from each other but rarely see each other, our schedules just don’t mesh) and our church’s Christmas Eve service. Oh, and two sons have a Christmas party to attend.
  • I wanted to tell you about two new blogs. My middle son, Jason, just started a blog here —  mostly Bible study thoughts right now, but I think he’s planning to expand it as he goes along. And then I have so many quotes and poems in my files I decided to start a blog called Words Fitly Spoken. It’s mostly Christmas quotes right now, but I’ll add others after Christmas.
  • We’re all missing my son’s fiancee. 😦 It’s beginning to slowly dawn that, unless they live nearby, we won’t have that frequent contact like we’ve had the past year or two.
  • Many of you know Lizzie at A Dusty Frame, but if you don’t, her family is going through a trial right now, and she is trying to earn money and still stay home with her son. She has a post here about ways to help, but I wanted to especially mention her shop, called The Dusty Attic, and her Etsy Shop.
  • I do have one or two more things I want to share before Christmas, so I’ll be back before then. I know it is a busy time before then, so if I don’t see you again before Christmas, I hope you have a blessed, meaningful one.

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