Stray thoughts…

I have a dentist’s appointment this morning (ugh!). It’s just a cleaning, but there is still a sense of unease. I am a little concerned about the root canal I had last time. A few days after it I was eating a little mixed fruit cup, of all things, and inadvertently bit down on something hard in a piece of peach — right on that tooth — and it left an indention there. So I am hoping they are not going to say I have to have anything done with that. (Back from the dentist — everything is fine with the tooth. 🙂 )

Jesse’s last regular basketball game is today. To be in the playoffs they have to win, and by a good margin. This team beat them at their last meeting by twice their score — 34-17, I think. So this will be a challenge! They have a good strategy, though, so there is some hope. Win or lose today, they’ve done a great job and pretty steadily improved.

We had a wonderful ladies’ meeting last night. A lady gave her testimony who is a very quiet lady — you’d never know she was such a dynamic speaker! Her husband is a pastor, but they are in between ministries right now, looking for the Lord’s leading. They’ve been in our church now for a year — much longer than they had ever thought they’d be in a state of waiting — but they are still actively serving however they can. At last year’s ladies’ luncheon, her mom told me it was so nice her daughter could just come and enjoy since she usually speaks at them. I thought, “Aha! Someone I can ask to speak some time!” Then I heard she was a real dynamo at VBS last summer. She kind of wove her testimony in with something the Lord had laid on her heart, and He wonderfully used it.

Plus…I have been thinking and praying about the upcoming ladies’ luncheon in April…but just wasn’t set on anything yet, and I was starting to get a little panicky and really hoping to have at least a theme this week. This lady suggested a lady she knew who does dramatic readings and did one recently based on Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Deibler Rose, a tremendous book. My first thought was that it might work better for a regular ladies’ meeting, since the luncheon doesn’t usually have a missionary focus. But then I thought, since we usually have more people at the luncheon than at a regular meeting, it would have a wider audience there. Then this morning, more ideas of how to incorporate this into the luncheon came to mind — so this might be what we do! Maybe that’s why the Lord hadn’t given me any other ideas yet. I’ll try to make contact later today and see if this lady has the date free and then go from there.

Normally when planning for the luncheon, I like to have the verse for it first. Usually just in the course of regular devotions or while praying about the theme, a verse will stand out, and after further prayer and thought, then theme ideas, favor ideas, special music, etc., all just flow forth, and that, to me, is kind of confirmation that that’s the way we should go. I like to have the spiritual emphasis first rather than a cute or clever theme that we then try to dream up a spiritual basis for.

Well, I was going to share some interesting links I’ve seen lately, but since I have rattled on thinking out loud and ended up with rather a long post already, I think I’ll save them for another time.

Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Stray thoughts…

  1. I like your thoughts about praying about the spiritual aspect first then everything else flows. So many times the theme is the standout and advertised as such while the spiritual is like a sidebar.
    Hope your dental app’t goes well. I’m needing to get in there as soon as a real estate trans. funds. I think I’m need a tooth pulled. And I’m dreading it.
    Hope the boys win. What a boost that would be for them!
    Have a great week.

  2. My all-time favorite ladies lunch included a dramatic monologue called ‘The Bema Seat.’ I’ve searched online before and haven’t found it, but it was the kind of piece that reminds you what’s really important to God, and encourages you to take stock.

    Hope all goes well at the dentist. 😦

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