Melli’s ABC Photo Challenge: W and X

It’s time for the next-to-the-last edition of Melli‘s ABC photo challenge! Most of you know the drill by now, but in case there is anyone new, Melli challenged us to find letters of the alphabet in the things around us. We’re not to make the letter out of anything or take a picture of the letter itself in a sign: we’re supposed to find it “as is” in nature or in an object where you wouldn’t normally look for a letter. We’ve been taking two at a time, and this week we’ve been looking for W and X.

For weeks the only W I could find was in the structure over a street. You can see Vs and Xs there as well, but I am using it for W.

ABC Photo Challenge: W

But then on the way to dinner at the mall tonight, Jeremy pointed out a W tree:

ABC Photo Challenge: W

And at the mall I noticed the “bark” on this fake palm tree looked like Ws. It’s not the clearest picture — it was taken with Jer’s cell phone.

ABC Photo Challenge: W

I found Xs in a multitude of places. The first ones were these little camp tables:

ABC Photo Challenge: X

The fencing that this morning glory was climbing last summer:

Morning Glory

Another fence in someone’s neighborhood:

ABC Photo Challenge: X

In the road:

ABC Photo Challenge: X

On the door and window of this little house:

House candle holder

This one I happened to remember from my archives when I saw a real red barn today. Years ago I was on a committee to redecorate the toddler nursery at church, and we chose a barnyard theme. This is the door, with Jeremy demonstrating how it works. He’s about 5 there. He’s in most of the pictures I took of the project with his arms spread in a “Ta-da!” pose. It was cute.

Nursery door

And here is the wall:

Nursery wall

I didn’t paint the mural — my good friend Valorie who is VERY talented did. But I did help stencil the little animal border on the other walls. That was a fun project.

8 thoughts on “Melli’s ABC Photo Challenge: W and X

  1. WOW! You always come up with such an interesting array of the letters! I LOVE that W tree! It took me awhile to see the w’s in the fake palm… but I got it now! And all those x’s — they’re great! I bet it was fun creating that barnyard!

  2. I found a W tree, too. And I took it’s picture — but I can’t find it. It isn’t in my photo archives. I think when I went it to name it, I must have deleted it instead of saving it. I’ve been doing very wierd things lately.

    I love your Xs. The door and the wall are especially charming.

  3. You have W and X in the street structure – two for one!
    I love the natural W in the tree- very nice.
    All great finds and I adore the nursery – what fun for the children.

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