16 thoughts on “Yes, I got dressed in a hurry. Why do you ask?

  1. LOL! My niece called me from work one day. She said, “Please go into my bedroom and pick up one of my black shoes. It doesn’t matter which one, because it is sure to be the mate of one of the two I’m wearing.”

  2. LOL that is soooo funny, Barbara!! I went to church with my dress on backwards once!!! Oh, but it does make life more interesting! Never a dull moment! *smile* At least both of your shoes were black!

  3. I have done that before too! My little boy was so sick and I dressed real fast and ran him to the doctor. After we got in the back room the nurse pointed out I had on two different shoes. One brown and one black. And they were two different heels. I was so worried I didn’t even notice~!

  4. I’ve done that too. Unfortunately, I’m a middle school teacher and those kids don’t miss ANYTHING. By the end of the day, I was fully expecting the faux pas to be announced on the PA system from the number of comments I got that day.

    Oh well. I used it later to my benefit. “Look, I’m crazy enough to go an entire day with two shoes of different colors and not have a nervous breakdown. You think I’m joking about this homework assignment/project/question?” 😀

    Kelly in Ohio

  5. I did that for a trip. I have 2 pairs of shoes that are the same style, but one pair is slightly different in it shade. I accidently packed the 2 right shoes (one from each pair!). I had counted on wearing those shoes….but I surely could not!

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