“The greater the weakness, the nearer He is…”

“Our very weakness gives opportunity for the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to be manifested. That blessed One never leaves and never forsakes us. The greater the weakness, the nearer He is to manifest His strength; the greater our necessities, the more have we ground to rely on it that He will prove Himself our Friend. This has been my experience for more than seventy years; the greater the trial, the greater the difficulty, the nearer the Lord’s help. Often the appearance was as if I must be overwhelmed, but it never came to it, and it never will. More prayer, more faith, more exercise of patience, will bring the blessing. Therefore our business is just to pour out our hearts before Him; and help in His own time and way is sure to come.”

~ George Mueller
Quoted in the April 21 reading of Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer

This brings the song “In My Weakness” to mind.

5 thoughts on ““The greater the weakness, the nearer He is…”

  1. Actually… it’s in my weakness that I tend to forget to call on Him — but that IS when he shows up even UNinvited and helps me out anyway! And I do tend to notice his help EVEN more when I didn’t ask for it! Like today….

  2. How true, how true, Barbara. This post brought to mine a beautiful chorus we sing at church but haven’t sung for soooooo long:
    “When I’m weak I am strong in the Lord,
    He has told me so in His word,
    When fierce trials assail me, I know,
    When I’m weak I am strong in the Lord.”

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