My faith looks up to Thee

This hymn is one of the earliest I remember learning as a child.

My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary, Savior divine!
Now hear me while I pray, take all my guilt away,
O let me from this day be wholly Thine!

May Thy rich grace impart
Strength to my fainting heart, my zeal inspire!
As Thou hast died for me, O may my love to Thee,
Pure warm, and changeless be, a living fire!

While life’s dark maze I tread,
And griefs around me spread, be Thou my Guide;
Bid darkness turn to day, wipe sorrow’s tears away,
Nor let me ever stray from Thee aside.

When ends life’s transient dream,
When death’s cold sullen stream over me roll;
Blest Savior, then in love, fear and distrust remove;
O bear me safe above, a ransomed soul!

~ Ray Palmer

4 thoughts on “My faith looks up to Thee

  1. It’s one of the first hymns I learned to play on the piano. There was a one-finger-at-a-time arrangement in my “First Hymnal” and I was playing it within weeks of starting piano lessons. That was more years ago than I care to admit. 🙂

  2. Your Sunday hymn reflections are a special part of my day! Thank you! The importance of good hymns seems to be going by the wayside, but thank you for keeping their messages alive.

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