So what is this I’m eating?

So what is this I'm eating?

I noticed this “ad” on my egg carton one day and was a little taken aback. The eggs I was scrambling certainly looked natural! 🙂

It goes on to explain that the “natural” eggs came from hens fed a certain diet. Still, I am looking at these a little more suspectly…

8 thoughts on “So what is this I’m eating?

  1. Normally, I buy Eggland brand as they are supposed to be produced without antibiotics and hormones. The hens are fed only vegetable feed and the eggs are lower in Cholestrol. You’d be surprised what you’re eating when you eat commercially grown food.

  2. Ah! And did you know that fertilized eggs have a higher nutrition value than unfertilized eggs? Okay, I don’t know that either, but it is something I read on an egg carton long ago. Amoeba — working scientist — says his area of expertise is plants, but he is highly suspicious of that claim.

  3. So it’s all about the diet? Seems like a crock to me. I thought all eggs were natural…oh well…good eyes Barabara 🙂 Eggs, as with liver, are two things I don’t eat

  4. Eggs are eggs are eggs in my book but then who knew that some were natural and others weren’t, for heaven’s sake!
    Well, we buy whatever is on sale but for the last month or so, we’ve bought eggs from our pastor’s wife. She brings in fresh brown eggs that her neighbor sells. Well, we’ve discovered that they have a “strong” flavor that we don’t care for. We like the milder flavor of the eggs we buy at the store. Do you know what I’m talking about? Just wondered if it was just us.

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