Odds and ends

  • Did you see The Amazing Race last Sunday, when one teamed missed out on the finals because of a bathroom break? That so would have been me. My family is very patient with my need to stop! In fairness, this girl had chugged down 4 bottles of water to try and wash down fried scorpions and larvae and other assorted gross stuff she had to eat. That team had overcome so much, I was so hoping they’d make it — especially as one girl on the team that did make it is one of the rudest people I have ever seen and I was hoping she’d be elimnated.
  • Jason’s Baccalaureate service was this last Sunday. I had forgotten the joy of singing hymns with 4,000 or so other people. If that was wonderful…I’m wondering what it will be like singing with all the saints in heaven?
  • The guest speaker was a pastor from West Ghana whom we knew years ago when he came to the US to study, so that was a pleasant surprise. I did have a harder time understanding him, though, than I did back then — may have something to do with the sound system, I don’t know. Plus he hadn’t been back in the US for a while so he was probably more heavily accented than when we knew him. But I enjoyed hearing him.
  • We’ve been “cleaning for company” this week as Jason’s fiancee and her mom were coming. Funny how having someone over spurs a cleaning frenzy. When Jeremy was little and we were cleaning before someone came over, he asked, “Why do we want them to think we’re cleaner than we are?’ 😳 I tried to explain that this is really how clean it should be all the time. I usually get all those things done — just not all at the same time!
  • The teen fellowship we hosted a few weeks ago actually ended up helping. Many things, of course have had to be redone even before now, but some of the heavier-duty stuff wasn’t too bad since they were so recently done.
  • Jason’s fiancee, Mittu, did get in late last night and we were all up til after 1 a.m. — then I had to get up at 5 this morning. So I am definitely going to need a nap some time today.
  • Her mom comes in later this week. I’m a little nervous about meeting her for the first time, but I found out she is, too. We’ve talked on the phone before, and she has much, much more of an Indian accent than Mittu does, and I really have to concentrate to understand her — but maybe in person that will be easier, and being around each other more will help, I’m sure.
  • I’m enjoying catching up on wedding plans but am reminded of how stressful all that can be, especially when you have multiple varied opinions. I’m pretty much only offering mine when asked, as she has so much of that to deal with already. Jim only half-jokingly offered them $1,000 to elope, but I don’t think her family would ever forgive us if they did.
  • Jason has applied to grad school but hasn’t heard back yet. He does have a job lined up and a pretty good lead on an apartment that will be available in August, so things are coming together. I am glad they’re going to be close by for a while.
  • This Sunday is Mother’s Day already! We’ve been so focused on graduation that Mother’s Day crept up on us. We tend to do up holidays pretty big and would be willing to just postpone what we normally do, but with Jim’s mom and Mittu’s mom here, that may not be a good idea, either.
  • Mother’s Day is one of the times I miss my mom the most. For the first year or two I couldn’t go into a Hallmark store anywhere near May when they had all the Mother’s Day things out. I can now. I thought I’d share this clip of Il Divo singing “Mama” as a tribute. I can’t say, as the song does, I owe it all to Mom: I owe it all to the Lord. But I am so grateful for my mom’s love and support and belief in me.

13 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. I saw that Amazing Race episode too, and I felt so badly that the sisters were eliminated. I do not like the other female team who made it through; they do not speak well for America.

  2. Exciting times. I met my DILs parents at the rehersal. They lived in Maryland where the wedding took place. I really like them both. Being the Mother of the Groom was not too hard as far as things required of me. Much different when Daughter married. Anyway, I enjoyed the festivities very much.
    I’m asuming the graduation was from college. I know you’ll be a super MIL to this young lady.
    I hadn’t thought much about Mother’s Day. I realize if I’m going to get a card in the mail to anyone, I better get to the card store.
    Celine Dion has a song about Mother that I like, Goodbyes the saddest word I ever heard. I cry when I listen to it.
    I miss mine, too.

  3. YOU have really had a lot going on this week! Wow! I can’t wait to sing with the saints in heaven – God is going to give me a VOICE when I get there, you know!!!

    You have a wonderful Mother’s Day! The house will be all clean, so you can just sit back and relax and let the gentleman wait on all 3 of you! (Oh… poor Mittu… she will end up in charge of it all… ) 🙂

  4. Wow! Busy lady! How did you find time to blog?

    I love singing hymns with a huge congregation. It is magical.

    I went to a woman’s retreat years ago and there was one part of the program where we were walked, linked hand in hand, from the church sanctuary to the gymnasium through a throng of singing people. The sun had set. All the people held candles and sang praises to Jesus. I felt very much like I had just been welcomed into heaven. It was incredible.

  5. I don’t watch Amazing Race but I have a picture in my mind LOL. Boy you are busy and I really admire you for only giving your opinion when asked. I don’t think I could do that…well maybe I could but it would take all I would have to not speak LOL. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day. The one day of the year you HAVE to listen to Ma and do as told LOL

  6. I was just thinking about you and your son’s fiancee this morning, wondering if her parents live in India – and then you posted this! I’m sure the accent will be easier to understand in person. We deal with accents every day here in multi-cultural Vancouver, and we’ve found that having eye contact really helps! I hope you enjoy your time with Mittu’s mother; I know she will love YOU!

  7. I did see that Amazing Race and was sooo disappointed that the redheads got through to the final. The one is embarrassing in how rude she is to other peoples.

    How exciting to talk wedding plans and have your future daughter in law staying over. And congratulations to Jason.

    Your Jeremy’s comment on cleaning made me laugh out loud. Trust a kid to peg it.

  8. I loved the line: “Why do we want them to think we’re cleaner than we are?’ Aren’t kids great??? LOL They keep us humble, hm? *smile*
    I’m with your husband, Barbara! Take the $1000 and run! I mean, most couples start out simple but it just keeps getting bigger and more detailed and more expensive, it seems.

  9. I could relate to a few things in this post! My son is almost up to his first wedding anniversary on May 24, so I have vivid memories of last year’s wedding planning. I did try to do what you are doing– and still try not to give too many opinions unless asked! Fatz Cafe is a great place to eat. We stumbled upon one in Spartanburg on our way to BJU. We told them that we don’t have these restaurants up North, and they gave us free dessert! Did you eat any of the rolls/biscuit things? They are great! Then, there is Mother’s Day–especially hard when you’ve lost your mother! I understand that, too, because she’s been gone since 1995. Thank God, I’ll see her again though!

  10. I did see that show Sunday…too bad they had to stop, but sometimes you HAVE to go! I felt badly for them…

    I love that Il Divo song…:)

    Good to hear things are going well for you!!!

  11. I watched TAR on Sunday too–but I don’t really like the sisters b/c they were mean to the deaf boy! So I wasn’t altogether sad to see them go.

    You’ve been busy busy this week! I didn’t realize how much you have had going on. I’ll be in the choir loft for graduation, of course. This makes 31 marches in and out for me…. my own graduation and 30 more since I’ve been teaching. Yikes! that’s a lot of graduations.

    I always tell people who are going to attend that I’ll look for them in the audience, but most of the time it’s impossible to spot anyone. Hope you enjoy it and all the festivities that follow.

  12. You’re a wonderful mother, Barbara!

    I just came home from a short vacation with mom and family at Cameron Highlands (about 3 hours’ drive from where we stay). It was a wonderful outing!

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