Assorted Thoughts and 20 Favorite Things

  • I noticed my last post was my 1,500th. I should celebrate or something!
  • Karla Dornacher, whose artwork and books I love, is giving away this gift basket around 4 p.m. May 20.KarlaIsn’t it lovely? See this post if you’re interested in winning it.
  • I mentioned we were celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday since last weekend was full with graduation and company. My family gave me some books I’d wanted (Yay!) and some gift cards (Yay!) and a Wii Fit, which I’d been wanting. We had a lot of fun with it yesterday. Jason thinks the novelty will wear off in a couple of weeks, but the more you do, the more new exercises you “unlock,” so that’s probably designed to keep interest stimulated. Plus, even though Jim and the boys cooked dinner last week, they did again this week. I know, I’m spoiled.
  • I feel like a lot of my posts over the last few weeks have been kind of lightweight due to all the other events going on. I really do have some Deep Thoughts that I hope to delve into over the next few weeks.
  • I need to find a way to dictate posts while in the shower. I do some of my best thinking in there.
  • There is absolutely nothing extra-curricular on the schedule this week, and I love it. Now is an opportunity to get to all those other things I’ve been wanting to. But I’m not sure where to start. I think maybe I’ll work on organizing some of my craft stuff. There have been a few times I wanted to do a quick something but couldn’t because I couldn’t find which drawer I had something stashed in. Curtain-making is on the agenda as well, hopefully soon — I am still undecided about trim and need to go to the next town to look at some. Sadly, most of the fabric stores have closed here — even Wal-Mart doesn’t carry fabric or trims any more.

Finally, I saw this at Mama Bear‘s, but it is originally from The Simple Woman:

20 Favorite Things

1. Color…pink
2. Dessert… devil’s food cake with chocolate fudge icing
3. Smell… something baking or the scent outside a steakhouse (makes my mouth water!!)
4. Flower… pink roses
5. Animal… dog I guess — I am not much of an animal lover.
6. Month… December maybe? There is something I like about most of them.
7. Beverage… decaf Diet Pepsi
8. Pair of shoes… simple black flats
9. Snack… sweet: chocolate chip cookies; salty: sour cream and onion potato chips
10. Song… too many to have one favorite! Hymn: “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” is one favorite as is “Be Thou My Vision“; old song: “Someone to Watch Over Me” or “The Way You Look Tonight.” Irish folk song: “Star of the County Down,” especially the King’s Singer’s version.
11. Book… the Bible
12. Fruit…bananas
13. Hairstyle- shoulder length, turned under
14. Piece of clothing… this is a hard one…I guess a lightweight seersucker dress I like to wear when the weather is warm…or the pink dress I wore to graduation. That’s my favorite “nice” dress.
15. Store to clothes shop…Cato’s
16. Season…spring or fall
17. Hobby… reading
18. Thing to collect…heart-shaped things, Boyd’s Bear figurines
19. Movie…Little Women — the Wynona Ryder version
20. Restaurant…Cracker Barrel

Feel free to join in, and let me know if you do!

12 thoughts on “Assorted Thoughts and 20 Favorite Things

  1. Great Favorite list. When you get your things organized, come over and do mine. I know what you mean about wanted to do things and having to go through things to find the supplies. Our Walmart in Huntsville still has fabric but the ones in Memphis don’t. Hobby Lobby does and we have a Hancock Fabrics. I have been looking for curtains and haven’t found what I want. I may make them but but considering the price of fabric that might cost more. There is a huge warehouse type fabric store in the town where I grew up. I plan to make a trip over there soon. They used to sell 90″ wide sheeting. I’m hoping they still do. I want some backing for quilts.

  2. ROFL! I’m going to DO this meme – but I’m doing it with a TWIST! Tomorrow!

    I wish I had some deep thoughts… I envy that about you! And I enjoy it when you share them!

  3. Just loved this post. It’s always so nice to learn more about the people you follow and have as friends. I can just imagine what twist Melli is going to bestow upon us LOL. Excellent as usual πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading your deeper thoughts πŸ™‚

  4. Deep Thoughts flourish in the shower at my house too.

    I love Cracker Barrel! Breakfast at any time of day especially.

    Excellent snack selections.

    Glad you get a break from extra-curricular stuff this week.

    None of your posts sounded lightweight to me.

  5. After you get your crafts sorted and in order, I could use a hand with mine!

    I also enjoyed your meme. You know, I love the “comfort food” served in Cracker Barrel Restaurants. When I lived in Vegas — where there is no Cracker Barrel Restaurant — from time to time a friend of mine and I would do a Cracker Barrel road trip and drive 97 miles for lunch, and then home again!

  6. My best post are thought up when 1) I am driving, 2) am doing dishes, 3) laying in bed an just about to doze off…but you are right about the shower! I hadn’t thought about that. How funny.

    Love your list. I might try that soon.



  7. Sounds like a nice peaceful week this week. What blessings from your family for Mother’s Day. Books are always a favorite gift I like to recieve.

    Fun meme too. We don’t have Cracker Barrels around here but I’ve heard they are yummy!

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