Ups and Downs

DOWN: Late Saturday afternoon I went from feeling fine to a full-blown head cold in the space of an hour.

UP: My husband offered to get breakfast out Sunday morning, the only time we usually have a sit-down family breakfast, and we had some “buy one, get one free” breakfast sandwich coupons for BK.

DOWN: I missed both services at church.

UP: I went back to bed and slept 2-3 hours, had a quiet restful day, spent a few hours in the evening reading, a rare treat.

UP: Hubby brought dinner/lunch in from KFC. Enough left over for munching on in the evening.

DOWN: I’m still not feeling so great.

DOWN: I was stunned to learn that a long-time very active member of the TMIC passed away, evidently from a blood clot. I don’t know how old she was, but she was younger than I am.

UP: One of my favorite people is coming for to speak at our ladies’ meeting tonight.

Planing to just lay low today except for doing laundry — getting extra rest seems to be the most helpful thing for me to get over sickness.I discovered that in the first year after TM when any illness would knock me flat — I got over colds and such much more quickly when I rested than when I tried to push through them. But I do plan to push through for the ladies’ meeting tonight.

Hope you have a good Monday!

Up and Down format borrowed from Bet.

11 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. I think you and I must have the same “bug”… I was basically fine yesterday morning when I awoke, but went rapidly downhill… at one point I was standing at the ironing board and just couldn’t help saying, “oh, I feel sooo sick!” Had to go to church anyway since I have the primary Sunday school class and no one was available to sub… but I stayed as far away from the kids as possible since I didn’t want to pass any of my germs along if I could avoid it. And believe it or not, I went home once Sunday school was done- didn’t even make it to service. That is the first time I’ve ever done that, I think. I rested all yesterday afternoon and I’m hoping to be able to take it slow today.. we”ll see how that works out, lol.
    Praying that you feel all better soon, m’dear♥

  2. Awww Barbara…I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well and about the loss of your friend. My deepest sympathies. You must have the same thing that Quilly has and has conveniently sent down wind to me. I’m starting to get that and I wish I could get some good sleep. So what do I do…come and blog LOL. Feel better my friend 🙂 Aloha

  3. Boy that was QUICK! The only time I ever got sick that quickly was when the flu hit me in the middle of grocery shopping one time! Well, actually it hit me at the END of grocery shopping – because I left the cart where it stood (full of groceries) and went home! Unfortunately I did not make it the whole way, had to stop to get sick, and then call hubby to come get ME and the car because I could not drive! That was quick!

    I sure do hope you get enough rest and feel MUCH better very soon! And I hope you feel well enough to ENJOY the meeting tonight. I’ll pray for you.

    • It is always a smart thing to rest and try to head a bug off at the pass. Hope you are feeling much better soon. We missed you today on Blue Monday. Hope you’re back with us next time…


      Sheila 🙂

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