What’s On Your Nighstand: June

What's On Your Nightstand
The folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and plan to read. You can learn more about it by clicking the link or the button.

I seriously thought about just linking to my Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up post, since most of this will be repeat information from that post. But I decided against it as it’s rather long.

I mentioned last month that I had finished a couple of books but had not reviewed them yet. I got that done: In Trouble and In Joy: Four Women Who Lived for God by Sharon James, is reviewed here, and Passionate Housewives Desperate For God by Jennie Chauncey and Stacy McDonald is reviewed here.

Within the last month I read The Secret by Beverly Lewis and House Blend: Warm Stories From Your Favorite Authors, but didn’t review them except fpr a few lines on the spring reading thing post.

I’m about 2/3 of the way through To the Golden Shore by Courtney Anderson and 1/3 of the way through Thread of Deceit by Catherine Palmer. The latter is a little “edgier” than what I usually read, but it is good.

I am having a hard time deciding what to read this next month. I still have several unread books stacked up from a clearance sale in January, but I have been hankering to read something by Agatha Christie and P. D. Wodehouse, too (any recommendations from either of those authors?) I guess I’ll see what I am in the mood for when I get done with the books I am currently reading.

In my reading through the Bible I am in the epistles now, and instead of speeding through them, I am taking time to read one book over and over. I’ve spent the last several weeks in Colossians and just started I Thessalonians. I’ve also been reading daily in Our Daily Walk by F. B. Meyer.

You can check out what is on other people’s nightstands this month or join in here.

10 thoughts on “What’s On Your Nighstand: June

  1. One of my favorite Wodehouse characters is Psmith. Try Psmith in the City. Oooh…I also like Ukridge. I think I enjoy them so much because they are NOT Jeeves and Wooster which is what most people are familiar with.

    (To be fair, my husband found Psmith to be more “boring” than some of Wodehouse’s other works but how can you really go wrong with Wodehouse?!)

  2. Well, it looks like you might have some good reading ahead.
    I have Pearl by Angela Hunt
    Quilter’s Knot by Arlene Sachitano
    I’ve enjoyed all of Angela Hunt’s books that I have read.
    I read Quilt As Desired by Arlene Sachitano earlier and thought I would enjoy another one by her. The author sent me a personal message after I mentioned her book on my blog.
    Right now, I’m reading the Civil War novel I mentioned yesterday. I remember one I read twice in years past about Captain John Hunt Morgan and I have to go back and look in my journal to find the name because I want to read it again. There is a lot of information about him on the web but I couldn’t find the name of that book. I’m hoping I made a note of it somewhere back there in the past.
    Mama Bear

  3. Well… I did buy 2 Karen Kingsbury books this week – but I haven’t opened either of them yet. I’m still working on Same Kind of Different As Me. But the most important new book on MY nightstand is the new One Year Bible I bought! I am LOVING it! When I try to just open the Bible and read, and try to mix it up — I never get around to reading ALL of it… I’m really excited about this Bible! In one year I will have covered the whole thing — EVEN the boring parts! LOL!

  4. Those hankerings have been getting me too. I know what I should read, and even what I think that I’d like to read — but that’s not the way it’s been working the last couple of months.

  5. I’m greatly looking forward to getting into the gospels myself. (They’re less than half an inch from my current reading chair in Ezekiel…)

    You know, I’ve never read a thing by Wodehouse. So many authors, so little time.

    Personally I think you should read some Wendell Berry. 😉 ‘The Memory of Old Jack.’ Or be noncommittal and try some short stories — like ‘Fidelity.’

  6. Great list you have there, Barbara.

    For my case, I am beginning to find it rather appaling that I haven’t been reading much Christian literature. I need to rectify that.

  7. “Four women” and “Passionate Housewives” both sound intriguing!

    I’ve never read any Wodehouse…may have to make a library trip soon…since I’ve NOTHING to read here at home…not! 🙂

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